Sunday, February 1, 2009

You probably think this song is about you

Anyway. Friday was happy. I went and saw Marley and Me. THat is a very good but very emotional and depressing movie. YOu go through all 10 or so years that this couple has this dog. Then Marley ends up getting old and dying from some stomach problem. They have his funeral and the kids all said precious things like "We'll love you forever Marley", and "I hope you like Heaven and there are lots of things to chew on. Sadness.
Saturday. I babysat for my sister. My niece Isabel kept telling me that she didn't want me at their house. So the two little girls went to bed. I watched part of kung fu panda with Jake and Liv. AFter they went to bed i watched part of a Cinderella Story. THe movie is incredibly cheesy but cute. i wanted to buy it this week but target had almost every single movie but the one i was looking for.
Sunday I almost did going to Alpine. I took canyon road thinking it would be faster than the freeway. The roads ended up being so horrible i almost slid off the road 3 times. THen i took the freeway home and the roads were beautiful and clear,

Monday I had an ASL Test. I got all the finerspelling and missed only one of the 20 vocab words. The calende was a little more tricky but it'll be okay

Today I went and saw Thoroughly modern Millie. It was so awesome. THe music is so fun. Mrs. Meers and her 2 brother cronies are hilarious. Trevor Grayden was pretty awesomely funny as well. I highly recommend seeing it. it runs until saturday. My friend danica is in it. And Millie and Jimmy (aka jeff and courtney) were in one of my classes last semester and they are married in real life. Its so precious.

I was planning on going to Logan This weekend but holly is stressed out with 5 tests she has to study for so I'll being staying home. ITs good though because i was able to go to my cousins murder mystery. it took place in the 20s. i went shopping all day at DI. i found some stuffed animals. I bought this awesome black flower for my hair. I got my hair all curly. i wore all black and I wore my mom's awesome fur coat. It was so much fun and I actually guessed the murderer correctly

So i caused contention this week. My cousing works with me at the bank and we were talking right by my station when some customer asked us if this is where the hot chicks hang out. First of all i hate both of those words but i really don't like hott when used to describe people. Then my friend and I and I had a disagreement because they didn't see how hott is deragoatory or disrespectful

So jura and I hung out last night. we went to cafe rio. Luke made cookies last night and was taking them over to Holly A and his car got booted. its sad but really funny.

So my sister erin blessed her baby Bianca today. I was supposed to have jordan and his roomates over for dinner but it got canceled once again. So instead, i took a nap a did 3 hours of labs and quizzes today.

I've read 4 awesome poems recently
The Weary Blues
One Art by Elizabeth Bishop
And the Alan Doll Rap
and the Highwaymen
I also found this awesome song called Hey Hey Hillary. I know its conceited to like this because it uses my name but it made me smile so enjoy.
Until next week gentle readers

I met my love Hillary at the local distillery.
She was leaning so languidly, on the window sillery.
And I was glued to my seat as I gazed at her feat.
Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary.

My heart was hi-jacked. My lips were gobsmacked.
Her hair was shimmering. My brain was simmering.
Then my blood began to boil. My desire would not be foiled.
Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary.

Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary.
Right then and there I made a vow.
I'm gonna make her mine somehow.
Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary.

My head was spinning like a top, as I offered her a cough drop.
And as she placed it on her tongue,
My stomach did a flip-flop.
When I invited her to dance,
That was the start of our romance.

Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary.
And though she's got her share of quirks.
Living with her has got its perks.
Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary.

Now we live the way we do, in our cozy little igloo.
Feasting on corn flakes, marzipan and hot cakes.
And when she leans against the sink, she's my saucy little sausage link.

Hey, Hey, Hillary, Hey, Hey, Hillary.
And though it may sound strange to say.
I thank my god everyday.
Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary.