Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Over come by pure awesomeness

At long last. Sorry I missed last week but i'll try to keep everyone caught up
So we had a wonderful holiday and long weekend
Luke and holly came down this weekend and it was way fun. So Jura set Luke up on a blind date with her friend from France. So I got a call on Thursday and Luke asked me to go on a blind date with a mission companion of his and make it a double date. Then Holly A got involved. We all played Friday. We watched a movie and hung out. Then Saturday we all rehearsed for the musical number we are doing for Jura's wedding. It took awhile to acutally sound like a decent song. Then the date. So Holly and I ran into Bro. Cannon, a seminary teacher from Lone Peak at Kohler's on our way to Luke's house for the date. He was asking us where we were at school and what we were studying. AFter i told him my major he gave me this blank stare with a smile like he was completely lost. Finally he was like, um.. . what exactly does that mean? Then as I explained, he still had that deer in the head lights look.
We made calzones which were so yummy. We used pepperoni, onions, peppers, cheese marinara sauce. Then we did a western murder mystery. So dinner was way fun as we were all playing our characters. I was a saloon dancer. yay! but I sate down at the table and everybody else sat down by their date and Sam, luke's old comp, and I ended up across the table from each other. it was way fun though. I ended up taking Sam back to Provo that night. He's from New Jersey, the same city there my parents lived when I was born. They know Sam's parents. Crazy huh? OH and luke got sick because he's allergic to a perservative in the salad i brought to dinner!

So School is going great so far I guess. The other day we got to look into each others ears to see our eardrums in class. I was in a group of 3. One of the kids i was examining had a red spot on his ear drum that could have been blood. I almost freaked and told him he needed to go see a doctor. when i was little. I went for a check up before I got my tonsils out and the doctor found a spot of blood in my ear. I ended up having to have a tumor removed
from my ear.

So that's been my exciting week other than the customer at work who asked me if I had children. That was special

Nothing too exciting has happened this past week.
In my hearing tests and measures test. We have this virtual audiometers where they have like cgi people who come to get their hearing tested. Well we were learning how to use the program in class and our tas loaded a profile of this little blonde 7 yr girl. Well after class they closed the program out and the girl let out this blood curdling scream like she was being murdered. It was frightening and yet hysterical at the same time. if that's even possible

The next best part of my week. was a creepy guy who is a customer of central bank. He came to my window last week and was trying to be funny but went from obnoxious to creepy. He wanted to cash a $700.00 dollar check. And he asked for a 1000 dollar bill. So i said no because you're not getting a 1000 dollars. He started acting all put out and huffy which bothered me. Then he thought he'd be cute again when i asked if there was anything else i could do for him. He's like can I have a hamburger and some fries and a shake? I tried to be nice and said. OH, darn we don't have any food back here. And then he ASKED ME FOR A BACKRUB. I didn't even know what to say. I was appalled. He's like maybe next time. You guys probably have cameras all over and that wouldn't make my wife very happy. I wanted to throw up. Then he came back about an hour later. He wanted to cash a $1000 dollar check. So i tried to be funny and said. You can't get a 1000 dollar bill for that either. Then he started mocking me and said "oh aren't you a smart one". Then he said So I hear you guys are giving out free back rubs. I think actual vomit came up at that point.

Anyway. Friday was happy. I went and saw Marley and Me. THat is a very good but very emotional and depressing movie. YOu go through all 10 or so years that this couple has this dog. Then Marley ends up getting old and dying from some stomach problem. They have his funeral and the kids all said precious things like "We'll love you forever Marley", and "I hope you like Heaven and there are lots of things to chew on. Sadness.
Saturday. I babysat for my sister. My niece Isabel kept telling me that she didn't want me hat their house. So the two little girls went to bed. I watched part of kung fu panda with jake and liv. AFter they went to bed i watched part of a cinderella story. THe movie is incredibly cheesy but cute. i wanted to buy it this week but target had almost every single movie but the one i was looking for.
Sunday I almost did going to Alpine. I took canyon road thinking it would be faster than the freeway. The roads ended up being so horrible i almost slid off the road 3 times. THen i took the freeway home and the roads were beautiful and clear,

Monday I had an ASL Test. I got all the finerspelling and missed only one of the 20 vocab words. The calende was a little more tricky but it'll be okay

Today I went and saw Thoroughly modern Millie. It was so awesome. THe music is so fun. Mrs. Meers and her 2 brother cronies are hilarious. Trevor Grayden was pretty awesomely funny as well. I highly recommend seeing it. it runs until saturday. My friend danica is in it. And Millie and Jimmy (aka jeff and courtney) were in one of my classes last semester and they are married in real life. Its so precious.

I was planning on going to Logan This weekend but my friend holly is stressed out with 5 tests she has to study for so I'll being staying home. ITs good though because i can now go to my couins murder myster birthday party on saturday. It takes place in a 20s speak easy. I super stoked.
Sorry this is so long, to whomever is reading this.
I hope you enjoy my sharing of the crazy things going on.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OH What a Night

This week was way exciting.
The first thing was controversy caused by a harmless Facebook status joke. My roommates and I wanted to hang a picture in our apartment in a particular spot. And we were trying to find studs to help hang this picture. And since this can be an ambiguous word we thought it would be fun to all put on our facebook status that we are looking for studs. So I got into a debate with our apartment of friends about me already finding 4 studs. Referring to a friend and his three roommates. Ha Ha. Then I played dumb and said. I really found 4 studs. You need to come help me find them because we’ve been trying to hang this picture forever. This led into an argument between our apartment and theirs and how who actually has power to give points to each other for gentlemanly and lady like behavior. One of my friends said I had started losing some, referring to studs. So I sad what exactly did I lose? I know what you might be losing (gentlemen points). He said I didn’t have power to take away points. We’ve declared war. And if anybody reading this is still confused, refer to my facebook history.
Then Thursday night I got home and was ambushed by my roommate. My roommate’s really good friend who we both went to school with wanted me to go on a group date with her husbands old roommate. I love this girl but I never spent quality time with her and I didn’t know anybody else that was going. I met up with my date. We went to dinner and surprisingly had a nice conversation. Talking was really easy and not awkward at all. WE met up with the group. WE played the game. Mine is where the whole group decides to give clues describing their dad or their pet or their bedroom and the person who is it has to guess what they are describing. We then played buzzword. I was kicking trash. At one point the other team wanted me to read the cards instead of guessing because we were wining .

The next best part of my week was going to hang out with my friend Jura. We went and saw Bride Wars. It was actually kind of funny. It made me excited to plan my wedding when that day comes. It also made really appreciate my good friends that I have. Good friends are very important and sometimes hard to come by.
Then the oddest thing happened when we went to dinner. We got this really strange but super extra friendly waiter. It started out as we ordered our food. My friend Jura asked him if she could get soup with her salad instead of the muffin that it came with. And our waiter was like. I guess. Just because I like you , you can have the soup, but only you. So I got smart and asked innocently, what about me. Then our waiter kept jumping into our conversations as he’d pass our table and refill our drinks and such. It was so weird and bizarre. Then the best part was when we were getting our checks. He asked us if we were paying together or separate. A valid question I thought. We told him we were paying separately. He said oh, just wanted to see if you guys were single. I just got speechless. I didn’t know what to say. I had this awful perception that he thought jura and I were there together. I could not even speak because I almost started laughing. So jura’s like, um. . she’s single, I’m engaged. He said “oh good for him. That’s too bad for the rest of us. Then we got asked about paying together or separate again when we met people at coldstone. WE almost busted up laughing.
Sunday was great. My friend gave a farwell talk and is going into the MTC on Wednesday. Holly will be in the Dominican Republic with my cousin Adam. We got to have dinner with some our neighbors. We got to hang out and watch President Monson’s fireside at our friends apartment. Then another bizarre story of how small the world is. Drake, one of friends in our apt complex. He invited an old mission companion and his wife for dinner and after they went to the marriot center for the devotional. When they came back the companions wife was this girl that has been in most of my ComD classes.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Name of the Game

I was going to copy my brother and do a top 10 list for the week but i won't do that too him.
But i will tell you about my week.

Monday I had to go to work but then I got to watch Better off Dead with my friends Holly and Wayne. Speaking of the Holiday and winter spirit. This movie has everything you could ever possibly ask for. High intensity action when Lane gets chased by the paper boy and when he has to race Stalin down the k-12 ski slope. Romance with a foreign exchange student. icky wacky neighbors who are gluttonous who abuse nose spray-disgusting!, and who think that a good christmas present is a picture of themselves. Its a bit silly but worth watching at least once.

Tuesday I got to go see the new Will Smith movie. 7 pounds. Over all it was decent. It was more emotional and intense than I would have expected so it was a bit of a downer. But don't worry, its nothing you can't get through if you've seen The Pursuit of Happiness. There is a tragic element with a noticeable sense of sacrifice and redemption I guess you could say. It wasn't very hard to figure out what was going to happen although it might take a few minutes. Over all I enjoyed it but its not a movie i would watch once a week.

Wednesday I had to break down and buy books for school. I did get 6 books and a computer cd all for $226.00. However my happiness was short lived when I finally had to pay my tuition. I realized i really have almost no money so that was a bit of a sad day but I'll get through it.
Wednesday I also was so ecstatic to finally make it to the Body Works Exhibit. It was mostly about the heart but it was so amazing. They had cadavers posed to show off how the muscles work. The whole presentation was mostly about the heart. One interesting station was one about Lance Armstrongs heart and how its larger than normal and at rest it beats around 32-35 beats per minute if I remember correctly. So cool. They had displays of all of your organs like kidneys, lungs, intestines, your diaphragm. They had stations about the brain. One I really enjoyed was seeing fetuses at several stages of development.
Although some might find this sort of thing disturbing or just plain weird. i think its important to realize how amazing our bodys are and how incredible it is that everything works together.
For those of you who feel the way I described above and just get creeped out or just grossed out by the very thought of going to see this exhibit I have only one thing to say
Go take an anatomy class!

Wednesday night I got to hang out with my best friends from high school. We made pizzas for dinner and played Disney scene it. I figured out that I dominate at that game. The only 2 times i've played it I have won. Also we played this planet earth game which is all about geography and science. the questions were all about animals and cave formations, and seas and all of that intersting stuff. It did help humble me by helping me realize how much i don't know and that I probably should study up on.

Friday at work was crazy. Some guy who collects old coins came in and wanted to exchange 2 quarter rolls ($20.00) 4 rolls of nickels ($8.00) and 3 rolls of dimes ($15.00). So since these rolls were hand rolled Cam was nice enough to help me count all of these coins by hand to verify they had been rolled correctly. Then everybody came to get checks cashed and lots of money out of their accounts. That however is just a typical Friday. Then I got to go to my friend Sabrina's wedding reception. I can't believe she is married. We went to school together and we were in orchestra together forever. What is so funny is that she married a kid named Drew who is really good friends with my brother Jordan.
Then I got to go my sisters house to babysit while she and Tyler went to see Valkyrie. Jake was up watching the Sugar Bowl which i must admit was a pretty incredible game. I was so happy the the Utes beat Bama-the Crimson Tide. One of the touchdowns was so incredible as one of the recievers twisted away from defense and made a clear beline toward the endzone. I do think that the Utes did get unwarranted flags and penalties.

Saturday I watched Twelfth Night with my friend. Granted its been awhile but that movie was really almost uncomfortable. Never mind the mistaken identities. Orsino practically falling in love with cesario (who is Violas dressed up like a boy.) While Orsino is also in love with Olivia who has fallen in love with Cesario as well. Malvolio was a bit akward at times but there was so good one liners. She is a good wench!

Well. Good bye Fair Cruelty
Thanks for reading. I'll update nextweek and let y'all know how the first week of school went.