Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Raccoons and Other Animal Tales from Central Bank

Alright so today at work we found 4 baby racoons nestled all snug in our stairwell with no mama. They were all one huddled pile/mass so I'm pretty sure they were terrified. We called animal control and they never came. They referred someone at the bank to the police department so nothing got done. We don't know how long they were in the stair well so we fed them some dog treats and they started to eat them. Then the little fuzzy things moved up to the parking lot under some bushes. Nate and Cameron went out to inspect and some lady and her daughter had gotten out of their mini van and were watching the raccoons. She and her daughter had towels and were trying to catch and gather the little dears up. So Nate and Cameron came in and got boxes and went to help with the hunt. They caught the first 3 pretty easily with the towels. Granted the use of a golf club was required. Not to hit them with, just to herd or nudge in the right direction. The last little guy put up quite a fight. It was trying to scratch and bite cameron. but cameron finally pinned up and got him in the box and in the back of the van. So If Cameron comes down with rabies, we'll know why. So good so far though The Little girl sat in the back of the van with the box of raccoons. Cameron and I were talking we so could imagine something off of Tommy Boy happening. You know that part with the dead deer coming back to consciousness in the back seat and ruining the car. Ha Ha.
This incident got me thinking of last year while the bank had construction going on for the new addition and a bird got loose inside. It zoomed across the whole building like an airplane. The sad thing is it kept running into windows head first trying to get back outside. Not just once, but repeatedly. OH good times. =-)

Palm Reading and continuing adventure of Hurricane Hillary

So more adventures of my wonderful car, which I love. So the battery in my car has been replaced within the past year but is starting to freak out. I think there's a short in it. The battery light came on when I was driving home from my sister's house and I was afraid my car was going to stop right in the middle of the free way. So my car went psycho as I got halfway to church on Sunday. All of the light and symbols on the dash kept flickering and blinking, the battery light came on, and my gas gauge kept going up and down and oscillating. It was like my car was possessed. Luckily my car made it to church without stopping on me. Then as I went to get in my car to drive home my car was dead. It wouldn't start. So my friend had to drive me home and then my dad came over with me when he got back from my sister's house and jumped my car. After that its acted like a peach and I haven't had problems starting it. It swear its got major mood swings.
So I was helping one of the regular customer's at the bank and while i was running her deposits, she took my hands and started examining them. I was confused at first and then i realized she was reading my palms or something like that. She asked if I was a musician. I told her yes, I play the piano and violin. Then she started telling me I needed to go get a check up and have my heart checked. I told her that i had been to have my heart checked recently and then she starting asking me all sorts of things. She started asking me all sorts of questions about my health and my condition. This really surprised me because she barely likes anybody but Kelly, our head teller, or let's anybody help her but kelly. She then had me sort of make a fist and she told me that i was going to have 3 children. It was a bit spooky but interesting at the same time.

Motorcycles and Margaritas

So Friday the 22nd. the most embarrasing thing happened. One of our customers Brandon, who is about 10 years older than I am comes up to my window and starts acting like a doofus. He's like. Hillary. . THat's not your name is it. I was thinking "duh, moron, that's what my name tag says. Then he started asking me if i was afraid of motorcycles. I guess he was trying to be cool and to strike up a conversation. I could tell he wanted to ask me out or take me on a ride. I ran away and hid in the vault til he was gone. He gave mary jo his number to give to me. Apparently he didn't get the hint.
Memorial Day was my birthday and I turned the big 21. The Saturday before that, the gang threw me a birthday party. Holly and Sara and Chelsey, and Luke, and Aubrey and Travis were there. We roasted Hotdogs. Holly made us some margaritas. It was fabulous. They were chilled, refreshing and just what I needed ha ha. Luke made me a birthday cake. Chocolate banana. 2 words Yum-my. We played Scum and it was a blast. I was Queen for a glorious while. I was only scum once thank you very much. Then Monday on my birthday, my family came over for a bbq. My sister made me a plaque that's cream and blue and green (my favorite colors) that says Hurricane Hillary. This was to helpe me keep track of all of my valuables. THen we had apple pie for dessert. It was so wonderful. I've been on a little shopping spree for my birthday. Like a week long shopping extravaganzza. i bought some cute clothes though. I did need the new clothes. Ha Ha