Thursday, January 28, 2010

Certainties Part Deux

These are some deep thoughts about me.

When I go Jogging, sometimes I'll listen to classical musical, like a Mozart piano Concerto

I am scared of spiders and driving in the snow.

Je veux apprendre le français. Son si beau, et j'aime la façon qu'il n'y paraît.

I don't like the stories that Nicholas Sparks writes. They are full of death and depression. His stories all have the same format. There's a whirlwind, sometimes forbidden romance. Someone gets cancer or some miscellaneous disease. That's rare except in Sparks' books. He/She/It dies at an unexpected time and causes pain/sadness/death to the other main character. "Sparks has a formula (just as any other popular writer does) that is like emotional acupuncture to women’s tear ducts. Take an overly emotional new relationship between young naive opposites, sprinkle in a bit of longing, punctuate with a tragedy, and sum up with loving nostalgia. Essentially Sparks recreates Romeo and Juliet in every one of his works, but disguises just enough of the formula to keep women coming back." (" Yet sadly, I will probably end up going to see Dear John.

I usually meet at least one person everyday whom I wish I could control and tell what to do. Just to make things easier for them.

My eyes are gray and colorless unless I wear a blue or green shirt.

My biggest fault is that I get angry in my car way too often.

I like flowers but I can't pick one that i like the most.

It is fun to pretend that I can sing Defying Gravity.

I wish I could speak with an British, Aussie, or Irish accent.

One of my dream jobs is to be in a pit orchestra on Broadway. But since I don't think many theaters use live music anymore, I found a new job I want to investigate. I would love to be a musical Supervisor/Director for a major film studio.

I wish we could dress like they did in the 1930s.

I would love to have a buddy to read books with. There are so many good ones that I haven't read.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Black Light Party

So this weekend, on Saturday, my neighbors had a Black Light Delirium Dance Party. I don't know why I went because I honestly can not dance to save my Life. Anyway, there was a great turn out and I had a really fun time. I even let my friend Claire draw hearts on my face.
I realized something very important about myself. Well 3 things.
NO. 1-I really can't dance.
NO. 2-I am sadly deprived in my knowledge of rap and hip hop music.
I knew a few of the songs they played like Tik Tok by Ke$ha, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, Untouched by the Veronicas, so I was completely hopeless. i was introduced to the song Low by Flo Rida. I've heard some of Flo Rida's music but apparently not this extremely popular song.
NO. 3- I like the song Heartless, and If Kanye West wasn't, well the Kanye we've all grown to love, I might actually listen to some of his music.

A Peek Into My Thought Process

So if you know me at all, I like to consider myself pretty tuned into world events. My particular specialty is Pop Culture. I'm pretty well versed in music/broadway, television shows, movies, celebrity gossip. My one absolute weakness, my Achilles heel, my kryptonite, if you will, as so lovingly pointed out by my uncle, is sports. I don't particularly care about sports. I don't watch sports. I realize this is an important part of our culture especially basketball and football. Guys at work talk about sports all the time, and it seems to be a popular topic of conversation so I've tried to repent and mend my ways.

Now I must admit, I do know some athletes, not a ton. I know how the games are played, but I'm the type of person who likes to pick a winning team based on what mascot is the best. Believe me, I got my 9 year old nephew all disgusted during a football game. When we do our March Madness Brackets at work, I always just fill mine out mostly by seat/ranking. Its to hard to follow all of those college teams. =-) These are all reasons I'm trying to improve and to become more well rounded and better versed in the language of sports. I recently had my brother explain the different positions in football and what their roles were during a game.

One thing I have been working on is keeping up with what teams are playing during the week and who ends up winning their games. This was a big step for me. I was really anxious to hear the results of the football games yesterday and to hear who would be playing in the Super Bowl.
My two teams made it to the Super Bowl, surprisingly and that made me really Happy. The Saints beat the Vikings, and The Colts beat the Jets. So know Feb 7 2010 we will see the Saints play the Colts.

Now I have a bigger dilemma. Who do I want to win the Super Bowl. The Colts are a great team, and I am a Peyton Manning fan. On the other hand Reggie Bush is very talented and its the Saints first time at the Super Bowl, I believe.
I've been pondering this deep seeded question for the past day or so, but I've finally come up with a solution.
I've just remembered Reggie Bush is dating Kim Kardashian, and so I've come to a decision.
Go Colts!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Life is Ordinary

Today has just been a funny day.

So I went to get my Eyebrows waxed today At Fantastic Sams. Its the One in Provo over by Buy Low, Suzy's Deals, Cafe Rio, Training Table, etc. So there are only two ladies working there today. One was working on my face, and the other one was cutting another customers hair. So someone new walked in. The girl helping me said, as she was still waxing away "Hi how are you? Did you just need a hair cut?" to the nice little hispanic lady. The lady started talking and it sounded like gibberish. We couldn't really hear or understand her. So the girl helping me said "Give me one second" and she went over to the front desk to put the hispanic woman's name on the list.

So i was just sitting relaxing in my chair when my girl came back over. and she said "That woman was looking for Tamales. I asked her if she meant to go over to Cafe Rio (which was right next door). She said No, and kept going on about how she wanted chicken and pork Tamales."
So I'm pretty sure the lady wanted to order tamales right then and there at the counter.

We were both confused. First of all Fantastic Sams does not look like a restaurant of any kind. I'm pretty sure If I walked into a salon of any sort I'd realize "I don't think they serve food here".

Search for Talent

Magic Show (more of focus on mentalism and reading people's mind)
Frank's stand up routine entitled "MAMA SAID"
Ballroom Dance to "A Little Less Conversation"
Many Singer/Songwriter's on piano and guitar (Its Okay, Annabelle, Almost Lover)
A Rendition of Albi the Racist Dragon
A one man performance of a conversation between Gollum and Smeagol. I was tres impressed.
A trippy video, composed completely of pictures spliced together(apparently called stop motion) made by my awesome home teachers called "Craig and the Mysterious Stranger.
Bach Sonata
A Reenactment of Bon Qui Qui (google it if you haven't seen it). Suzy was amazing.

Totally priceless all of it. It was definitely a unique but great talent show!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Even Better Example of Why I Love Work

Again this is a real phone conversation (keep in mind that I had also personally helped this guy earlier in the day).

"Central Bank this is Hillary"
"Hi, Can I talk to Leah"
"Leah is actually out to lunch, can I take a message"
"Is Kelly there"
"Kelly is actually out for 3 weeks"
"oh yeah, she had surgury. Well, is Mary Jo there?"
"Mary Jo doesn't work on Wednesdays"
"Who's that other gal?"
"Well, there's Pam and Gaye and I here"
"Is Gaye there?"
"Yes, would you like to talk to her?"

Seriously sir, I could have helped you with your questions in the time it took to have this conversation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty Clothes that I Would Like to Own

My favorite Part of Working at Central Bank

So, Saturday I had almost identical conversations with two separate customers who called in.

"Central Bank, This is Hillary"
"Hillary who's there besides you today?"
"Its just Mary Jo and I working today"
"Let me talk to Mary Jo."

Conversation No. 2
"Central Bank, This is Hillary"
"Hillary's whose working besides you?"
"Mary Jo and I are working today"
"Let me talk to Mary Jo please"
"Okay, She had to run downstairs for a second, would you mind holding?"
"No, that's fine". . . after a minute the call rang back through
"Hillary, I'm waiting to talk to Mary Jo"
"She's still downstairs, Is there something I can help you with"
"NO, I just need to talk to Mary Jo"

This is my other favorite story.
This older man I was helping at my window wouldn't talk to me for some reason.
Mary Jo knew this man and her station is right next to mine, so he asked her, as he pointed to me "Is she new?"
and Mary Jo laughed and said "she's not new, she's been here for a while"
and I had to chime in "Yeah, I've been here for almost 3 years".
then the old guy said "where have I been?"

I don't know sir. I don't know. . . .

Why I Chose my Degree

I'm warning you all this is a tear jerker story. . . .

So in my articulation disorders class, my teacher Prof. Dorais, told us about this little boy she had done therapy with. His name was Collin.

We discovered watching recordings of his therapy sessions that he couldn't say his [k] sounds. So when he said car it would sound like tar and when he said cow it would it would come out tow.
He also couldn't say his [L ] sound. They had the [w] elmer fudd-esque sound. So he couldn't say turtle really well. So, for example if he said line, it would sound like wine.

The worst part in case you haven't put it together. . he name has both of these sounds in them.
So when he said his own name it would come out Towin ([tah-win]). People would always say huh? and have him repeat his name when he said his name. Eventually he stopped saying his name all together.

I can't wait to help little kids like this.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strange Gestures

So After School Thursday, I decided to take the long way back to my apartment. I walked over to the Creamery on Ninth to pick up a snack.
As I was about to go up one of the aisles in the store this older man (50ish) started miming and gesturing to me or trying to sign something to me. He was making lines by his neck with his fingers, pointing to his ears, and giving me the thumbs up. I was the most confused I had ever been in my entire life.

I was listening to my Ipod. I had my headphones in my ears, obviously. So, I thought maybe he doesn't think I can hear him? So I took one of my head phones out and gave him another confused but expectant look. The game of charades continued. More gesturing. Finally he took a napkin out of his pocket and wrote me a note. "nice hair"

While it was a nice thing to say, and I appreciate the compliment, It was weird. I just said thank you and walked away.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If I was casting the movie version of Wicked

So when I heard they were making Wicked into the movie I was of course ecstatic. I love the music and the story of the show. I really wish they could get all of the original cast to do the movie, but, from what i've read on the internet, that is not likely. So I've been dying to find out the cast but I cant find any official announcement. Since I hear the production wanted to go with a younger cast, the movie is probably not going to have the Idina Menzel or Kristen Chenowyth
I really want the movie to be well done. I'd almost rather the production company cast people who are unknown but who can perform really well, rather than find someone super famous who can only do an adequate or mediocre job.
So just to show you my obsession I've come up with a list of people I would like to see cast in the movie. These choices would not disappoint me.

1) Lea Michele
2) Kerry Ellis
3) Jenna Leigh Green

1) Megan Hilty
2) Annaleigh Ashford
3) Lucy Durack

* and if we are going the more famous route, Amy Adams wouldn't be a terrible choice

Adam Lambert
2) Oliver Tompsett
3) Kristopher Cusick

1) Anthony
2) Logan Lipton
3) Ben Liebert

1) Penny Mcnamee
2) Bailey Hanks
*maybe Anne Hathaway

The Wizard
1) Rogar Bart
2) Joel Grey
3) Nigel Planer

1) Helena Boham Carter
2) Patty Lupone
3) Meryl Streep

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


2009 was a good year. I don't know that there have been many changes in my life, but I feel like i've grown and changed and matured as a person.

I did not know my great roommates before we moved in together this year. I've learned I am capable of becoming great friends with complete strangers, including my Apt. 54 family
I was able to go to Denver for the first time, and the biggest mall I have ever seen.
Miss Scarlett was born, and I know have 9 little munchkins to love.
I got a credit card.
I bought my first car.
I've started my Senior year of College
I've met Gypsies.
I still have a job.

I have learned to recognize when others need to be put put before myself.
Its hard to be a good friend.
Forgiveness is a simple word, not a simple concept.
Everybody needs to know that somebody cares about them and loves them.
I really like making photomontages.
Nobody is perfect.
Life is hard.
I've realized how important family really is.
Now, more than ever, I am grateful that my friends still put up with me.
I am spoiled.

Graduation from BYU.
Michael Buble concert (duh!)
Baby Georgia
New Harry Potter Movie
Finding Out the Cast of Wicked: the Movie
. . . . and I would like to plan a Trip to New York this Spring after school is over.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Of 5 things I am absolutely certain at the moment.

I have wonderful friends who put up with my quirky behavior and obnoxious habits

Mama Mia, The Winner Takes it All, and When All is Said and Done are some of the best songs ever written.

I love playing I Spy with Isabel

I will probably never beat my mom at Double Shot arcade basketball

I wish Christmas Break would last a little longer.

The Cell of Mediocrity

So my friends and I decided to have a New Years Eve/Lets get together before everybody heads back to school party. It ended up being at my house. I had a good time. All of my good high school friends were there Holly, Luke, Kyle, Jokke, Sara,Aubrey, and Wayne.
Sadly Travis was in St. George, Holly W is in the Dominican Republic, and Jura is in France for the holidays visiting her fiance.

We made 4 huge pizzas. Luke had a dough recipe he was dying to try out, which I must say was a pretty darn good recipe. The crust on our pizza was stupendous. We made 2 pepperoni pizzas,one bacon/chicken/bbq pizza(so delicious, there aren't words). Our last pizza was a throw anything you want on it so there was onions pepperoni,and jalapeno peppers, and I think some bacon. Anyway, Everybody had at least 2 or 3 pieces of pizza and we still had almost 2 whole pizzas left. It was ridiculous. I got stuck with all of the leftovers because nobody would take some home. Jokke made some great chocolate cookies filled with peanut butter.
After we enjoyed our spoils we played Scum (aka the Great Dalmuti). Sadly I did not fair to well. I never made it to the top seat. I made it to the #2 seat, but for the most part i moved all over the place with two turns as scum.

Then we played in the manner of the Adverb. My parents were so curious as to what we were doing because we were so loud. We also played freeze frame. I got to play a bratty child being babysat. I was a failed dancer on a broadway stage, Charlies Angels, and I got turned into Bella. This was by far the scene that made me laugh the most. I was pretending to have a sprained Ankle when luke froze the scene and took Sara's spot. He then turned into Edward Cullen and told me not to be alarmed but that he likes to watch me sleep. I lost it, I couldn't do anything but laughl
Then we chatted and watched Fun with Dick and Jane.

My party went until 2:30. and I spent another 30-40 minutes cleaning up the kitchen.
Was it worth the clean up and the late night hours. Most definitely.

Weekend Trip To Denver

Saturday we took the 9 hour drive to Colorado to see my sister and her new baby.

I watched a movie on my Ipod (Cluesless) and slept most of the way there. The roads were clear. That night we all just hung out and had dinner. My sister made this breakfast casserole which was delicious and my brother really wanted eggnog. Then Sunday morning we were at our hotel and getting ready for church. We had one of the maids knock on our door to come in and clean. My mom told her we just needed new towels and that she didn't need to clean because we were staying one more night The poor girl spoke no english and just kept saying yeah yeah. She did finally understand "no clean"
So church was great. Right as William, my brother in law, took scarlett up to the front of the chapel Jack, the 2 year old started throwing a fit so I took him out to the foyer. Apparently i missed a great show. My mom had Tristan the, 4 year old, with her so my sister could listen to the blessing. But when William and my dad adn my brother all went up to the front of the chapel Tristan was ready to march on up there with them because he wanted to bless bless teh baby too. So during the blessing my mom was explaining things to him and that he couldn't help bless the baby unless he had the priesthood. He was asking her if Daddy had the priesthood. And when he could get the priesthood. She told tristan he had to be 12. He asked her if daddy was 12. And she said yes. It was just so funny.
That night was so fun. We all got to chat. Adn my sister made this raspberry chicken for dinner. We all visited and I got to play with the little boys. Tristan and I did puzzles. Tristan told us all stories about fighting monsters that were under his bed. He said he "sworded" them and they had to go the Hostibal (hospital). It was adorable.

Monday was another super long drive in the car. But I got through most of my book on the way home, slept some more, and watched another movie in the 10 hours it took us to get home. I also found out my friend Luke was following us home from New Mexico. He also took I-70 and came up through price and was 30 minutes or so behind us. that night after i got home I went to a bridal shower/bacholerette party for my friend becca that i roomed with last year.
Yesterday she and monte got married so I spent like 2 hours at the reception. I hung out with travis and saw a ton of friends from high school. It was a lot of fun.
In other accomplishments this past week. My tuition got all paid, I saw my grades from the last semester(A and 2 A-), I paid off my credit card, I finished my book "The Wednesday letters", I bought my textbooks and I figured out how to use the back windshield wiper on my new car.