Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Week and I'm Excited


Saturday June 25th Utah State Feis at SLCC (to see Olivia and Isabel dance. They both did so well. I am proud to be their auntie.

Tuesday June 29th German Recital in South Jordan. (we get to hear what Jake’s been learning)

Wednesday June 30th Baby Shower for Melissa (fun to see cousins)

Saturday July 2nd Stadium of Fire (David Archuleta and Brad Paisley. Yes Please)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Coming Attractions

I have heard of several good movies coming out that I am very excited for. Most are coming out this year, some don't have a release date yet. Nevertheless drumroll please

First Up

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-July 15th (probably worth midnight tickets)

The Help-August 12th

Footloose-October 14th

New Year's Eve-December 9th

Sherlock Holmes-December 16th

I am still waiting on Wicked

When I found out they were remaking this next movie, it blew my mind. This is one of my all time favorites. Its one of those movies I've seen so many times that I can recite the dialogue. It is so great, so witty and so fast paced.

I know most aren't fans of remakes, but I am beyond excited.
Both of these movies are set for around 2013. I can't wait

Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Make a Decision.

So I was talking to my friend earlier this year. She and I were both born in May and are practically the same age. We had a conversation about how she felt it was time for her to go through the temple. She ended up receiving her endowments in December. She felt very at peace and said that the experience was a great blessing.

A month a two ago my dad asked me out of the blue if I had given thought to going through temple. I told him I would like to but I didn't feel any urgency. I didn't feel like I needed to go through right this minute.

Last week, my mom's ward was having their enrichment (midweek) activity. My sister who was visiting had been asked to be one of the speakers at the meeting and to speak about the blessings of the temple. I wanted to go hear Erin speak but the meeting was Tuesday, and I tutor from 7-8:30 on Tuesdays. While I was at work last Tuesday, my student called. She had an emergency and told me she couldn't make it for our lesson that night. So I was able to go hear 5 wonderful people talk about how wonderful temple work is.

I guess all of this is a "All Roads Lead to Rome" type of situation. For the past few months I feel like I've been steered in this direction. So I have decided next summer, when all of my family is together for our reunion, I am going to go through the temple.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


So I am way behind but June 2nd I had a job interview at Alpine School District. The position is for a full time speech technician. The two ladies interviewing me were very nice. They asked me standard questions about my experience working with language problems and working with kids. What my favorite class was at BYU. They also asked me about my 2 years plan and where I saw myself in 5 years. And the Miss America Question "Why Should We Hire You?"

They also asked me my least favorite question in the world. What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness. Then they asked me a question that completely caught me off guard. "If your three best friends could each describe you only using one word, what would those three words be?" By far the hardest question of the whole process. I wanted to say "I have no idea, you should ask them yourself", but that didn't seem appropriate. Come to think of it, some of the answers that came to mind, if I were answering honestly, would have a little off putting.

I am glad there wasn't a panel full of people and a 6 page long list of questions with which to interrogate me. I finally heard back from all three schools and did not get into my graduate program, so I am really hoping that I get this job. I am excited to work with kids. I am excited that would be paid a regular teacher's salary. I am also excited about having Christmas Break and Summers off. Assuming I get the job. Its a bit of a gamble. They said they are opening 3 new schools and that they would need a month to assess their resources and the need of school. So I will have to wait another few weeks to hear back for sure. Fingers crossed