Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving started out by seeing New Moon with my roommate and her Family (see below for my thoughts about the movie). The rest of my break was so great. I got to see my uncle Ted. Even though he beats me everytime we play Canasta or speed its great having him around. He's hilarious,and its sad that we only get to see him once a year. I got to go home the entire week which was so nice. I have my Christmas shopping done and my Secret Santa Gift for my Christmas work party taken care of.
Thanksgiving day was bitter sweet. I had a really fun day but not as many people made it as we usually expect to come. All of my cousins basically were out of town or elsewhere for Thanksgiving, except my cousin Jessica. My sisters Erin and Adrienne weren't able to come home from Missouri and Denver. So our dinner was my sister Lindsay, Tyler, their 4 kids, my parents, me and Jordan, Jessica, My grandparents, and my uncle Ted. Our dinner was delicious especially the cranberry sauce, the sweet potato fries and the potato casserole. We had a nasty canasty card game, and I lost again. I played Jessica, Jake and Olivia at our Basketball hoop. Jake and I still tie everytime we play eachother. Why can't I beat the 9 year old. We got to chat and catch up and just have a fun time being together.
Jordan and Jessica and I hung out that night and ended up getting a Redbox. After Jessica went home my dad and Jordan and I were hanging out with Ted. We were talking about funny movies that we liked, and why getting dimentia when your old wouldn't be such a bad idea. We discussed the music Ted had in his I tunes Library. Then Ted had the bright idea of letting us watch this X-Files episode he had bought off Itunes. We were thinking this must be a really good, and super interesting episode if he actually paid for it. So we watched it. Ted is either seriously disturbed, or he has a sick sense of Humor. If anybody is interested the episode was called HOME. I have never seen anything quite as disturbing or disconcerting as this episode which was about this incestuous family involved in inbreeding. Ya, this family had 3 sons and one of the sons was both the dad and a brother to the other two. I was shocked and speechless. And, unfortunately Johnny Mathis songs are ruined for me. I drove to work the next morning and heard a Christmas song sung by Johnny Mathis, and it made me think of this episode. We were all sort of appalled after the show ended. Ted was just laughing at us. I still don't get why that episode spoke to him.

Friday my family and I went and saw Blind Side. Blind side was sweet. It was uplifting and inspiring, and funny and all the way around a good movie. I Highly recommend it. Even my mother enjoyed it which is saying something.

Saturday I went to work and had almost had a heart attack. A batch of work I had scanned on Friday never really got scanned so it was never processed or posted to people's acocunts. But that all got fixed today thank Heavens. Back to Saturday. I was going to take my sisters kids out for the afternoon, but Jake had to watch the BYU game so we had to reschedule. I got to hang out with my Dad and run errands that Afternoon. Over all it was a stupendous day. BYU beat the Utes. I got to take my friend Holly out for dinner since she was up in Logan for her birthday on the 19th. That was way fun. And I got my brother Jordan to spend time with me. ha ha. And my sweet miss baby Scarlett was born Saturday Afternoon. Pretty much the best ending to a Holiday Break. I just wish I could have gone to Denver with my mom to see her.

New Moon: My Review

First of all, let me say. This movie was infinitely better than Twilight. Kristen Stewart actually brought some depth to her character. And, while i still am not a fan of Bella, I didn't hate her in this movie. Jessica was absolutely hilarious at the part where Bella gets on the motorcycle with a complete stranger just so she can hear Edward. The scene where Bella is at the movies with Jacob and Mike was awesome. They were both holding out there hands so she would choose which one to hold. Priceless. I love the Cullens, especially Alice (when she gets in that argument with Jacob.) And at the end when Edward was fighting the Volturi, everytime he got smacked down on the marble floor I could feel it in my back. It was really well done, and the Volturi, especially Dakota Fanning were so creepy. and I'm not complaining about Jacob running around shirtless in his shorts the entire movie.

There were three parts that really made me laugh, that were of course unintentionally funny.
First Part: I find this part of the movie mind boggling. Bella crashes on her motorcycle, and Jacob's first reaction is to rip off of his shirt and wipe the blood off the cut on her head. Who does that???? Like my Sister said, Do you think Taylor Lautner felt cheep making this movie? ha ha ha

Second Part: right at the end is a weird day dream where Bella and Edward are running through a meadow.

Last Part: Jacob and Alice are having their argument, and Jacob goes all Hulk on her. He says "Don't make me upset, things could get very ugly" (and I want to add GRR!!!!) It made me laugh

There were several cheesy parts but these are the ones that stuck out to me.
So People keep asking me if I'm a Team Edward or Team Jacob. This is my honest, if not overly cynical response.
I'm not choosing a team or a side. I'm not wasting my time analyzing the pros and cons of a fictional relationship between characters/creatures in a made up story. Jacob and Edward aren't real people. It doesn't matter which one I prefer. Nor will there be a time when it does matter. It won't make my life any better or easier.
Twilight is just a story.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Nothing beats Thanksgiving break and playing Canasta and listening to music with Uncle Ted. Except, . . . maybe, possibly, the fact that Michael Buble is doing a concert in Salt Lake

How not to Dial 911

So Last Friday My roomate Kaisha fell asleep on our couch with her cell phone near by. Somehow she managed to get an emergency call out even though her keypad was locked and she was asleep. So at 3:30 in the morning the police had tracked her phone and came knocking on our door. She thought the knocking was part of a dream. She finally answered the door, and was really embarrased when the police explained what had happened and that they had come to make sure she was all right. At least we know we're safe =-). They police passed our emergency drill you could say.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Most Wasted of All Days Is One Without Laughter

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once, and Its harder everytime. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when your was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing by too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Mentalist

So tonight's Episode of the Mentalist involved a kidnapping and ransom. In this particular story, the kidnapper gave the family less than 24 hours to get 3.75 million dollars in cash.
FYI people. I work at a bank. Banks never have that much cash on hand, sitting in their vault. They put in money orders everyweek, and they can't get large amounts of money, in big bills or small denominations, on a such short notice. And any transaction over $10,000 is automatically reported with a CTR form and I'm pretty sure the IRS is notified also.

Girl with the Green Gum meets a Hit and Run

So I had a huge presentation in my Aural Rehabilitation Class. It was about Public Laws, Deaf history, Educational Settings, and School Screenings.
It was a 45 minutes presentation so It was a big deal. I met my partner The Thursday before I presentation at her apartment and her little 5 year old daughter hung out with us while we finalized our power point. Then I met with her the day before our presentation (which was Wednesday the 11th). Before my partner, Ingunn came to meet me she dropped her daughter off at school. She told her daughter she was coming to meet me. Her daughter said Mom, you can't go meet her. When Ingunn asked her why her response was, "Because she always has the green gum and and she types too fast on the keyboard". Then she just gave her a look that said "uhh, mom you just don't understand.
I thought it was funny.

So last night, wednesday. I went out for a walk/jog. I was walking past an parking lot entrance/exit. There was a white car, stopped waiting to make a right hand turn and to pull out into traffic. They were stopped so i kept walking. Right when i get in front of their car they decide to hit the gas. I got my hands on their good and they kept going eventually running over my foot. They got me knocked down, my knee scraped up and my finger hurt and swollen. I don't know if i feel down and bent or what. I really wanted to say mean and obscene words. i just walked away fuming and all (what i can assume was the driver) could do was yell out their window "are you alright". I have now idea what they were doing that they clearly didn't see somebody right in front of their car.

But, I had a great run tonight. It was lightly raining=-), I listened to bon jovi, bryan adams, martina mcbride, david archuleta and michael buble. Oh, and no jerk bag driver ran my foot over. And its my Jakey Boy's Ninth Birthday. Love those kids to death.