Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunday Social 59

1.  What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

2.  What is your current favorite TV show?

There are so many I have to name them. I love the Big Bang Theory, Psych, Once Upon a Time, The Mindy Project, Elementary, Nashville, Community, Switched at Birth, Glee, Chicago Fire, and Castle.

3.  Which reality show would you NEVER do?
I like showers, beds, and real food too much.

4.  Which reality show would you LOVE to do?
This is like a real life version of Clue, but one of the contestants is the murderer.

5.  What is the TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?

I honestly don't know. This is a really tough questions. if i had to choose it would be Monica from Friends.  I can be obsessive, uptight, very competitive, and sometimes unfiltered with my words ha ha.

6. Which TV character would you want to date?

 Matt Casey on Chicago Fire. Look at that face…and he’s a firefighter.


  1. Matt Casey is a good choice! Jesse Spencer has definitely aged well, I remember when he started on Neighbours when he was about 14/15. He was kinda cute then but age has served him well!

  2. Stopping over from Sunday Social :)I LOVED Boy Meets World. Such a good show and some great life lessons... I actually heard they are bringing it back with Corey and Topanga as parents but not sure if that is true... I don't know how I feel about that.. It would definitely make me feel old though!

  3. I've never heard of 'WHODUNNIT' but it sounds awesome!
    I'm totally obsessed with The Mindy Project, how cute is Mindy!?

  4. Love reading all the answers today. It's reminded me that I love a lot more shows than I even thought to mention. Modern Family is a fave, too!

  5. Love Boy Meets World. it comes on every morning still on ABC Family. sadly no DVR or else I'd record em all.

  6. following you now. would love a follow back and cant wait to read more of your blog

  7. I can totally relate to your answers! I'd do more than "date" Matt Casey on Chicago Fire!