Friday, July 12, 2013

My Favorites for the Weekend

JVC HAFX5G Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones

These inner ear headphones are awesome. They have the soft rubber body that not only help them fit comfortably in your ear but the rubber helps block outside noise as well. I got them for $14 at Walmart and I've seen other websites selling them for about $12. 

My newest orders from Amazon. This are the books that I will be reading next. I can’t wait.

So have any of you read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn? I’ll just say that the story is insane. This picture sums up my feelings about the book quite well. 

 I just read today that Ben Affleck is in talks to play the husband, Nick. I actually think that could be a good fit.  I also heard that Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, and Emily Blunt were all being considered for the part of Amy. I think Charlize Theron would do a great job. 

Anna Kendrick- I just love her. This week, I just discovered this Youtube video of Anna Kendrick singing For Good with Kristen Chenoweth. How adorable is this? I am even more excited about Anna being in Into the Woods next year and I think she should be considered for a part in the Wicked movie that is supposed to be in development.

I have tickets to see 2 shows I am terribly excited about.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast.

If you are looking for something fun that will also teach you something I highly recommend this podcast from  This podcast covers so many different topics you are guaranteed to find something you are interested in. Most recently I just listened to episodes about Ghosts and the death of Rasputin. Episodes are free on Itunes or you can check out the website here.

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  1. You sold me, I need to read "Gone Girl."
    That little poster is hilarious. It sums up how I felt when I finished the final Harry Potter perfectly. :)