Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday-4th of July

One of my favorite 4th of July memories was 2011. My family and I got to go to the Stadium of Fire. It was such a blast. The Stadium of Fire is pretty much the biggest party in Utah on the 4th of July. The show usually starts around 8 but my parents and brother and I all met at my apartment around 4 or 5. They left early to beat the traffic. We hung out and watched 17 Again until it was time to leave. It worked out perfectly because my apartment is only a mile from the stadium. We were able to walk to the BYU football stadium and didn’t have to worry about parking. The show was awesome. David Archuleta opened, Brad Paisley was the headliner, he ended the show by jumping into a tank of water,  and then they had the most amazing fireworks.  Afterwards my mom had the great idea to wait at my apartment and finish our movie until traffic cleared. I think she is secretly a Zac Efron fan.

This year Kelly Clarkson and Carly Rae Jeppson are performing and I really wish I could have gone, but I guess there is always next time. One thing I love about Kelly Clarkson is that she got famous on American Idol so she sounds great live, pretty much just like her CD.

Last year was also a memorable 4th of July. My home town had a fire up in the mountains that got so low that the city started evacuating homes, including my 2 aunts who also live here. At one point we had my aunt and her kids upstairs, my other aunt in my bedroom, my cousin and her husband in my brother’s room, my brother and my cousin sleeping in our workout room, and I was sleeping in the playroom.  I posted some pictures of the fire here. 

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