Monday, July 1, 2013

2nd Annual Crook Refunion Part 2

Service Project cleaning out a free parking lot used by the ski resort. 

 Scarlett played in the dirt and made herself look like the Phantom of the Opera

Olivia and Baby Luke

Baby Elsa


 Scavenger Hunt

Handwritten Note

Trash Can

Landscape Painting 

Someone wearing yellow

Area Map



Car over $50,000


Someone with a tattoo 

For Sale Sign-we didn't get points for this because it only said Sale

Shuttle Stop

String of Lights

Foreign Flag (British 

Wind Chimes

You probably can't see it well but there's a buffalo on the black and red pot

a Band


Horse and Carriage

A Dog

Eating Chocolate

Kiddie Gifts 

 White Elephant-Day 2
Wall Socket with only USB ports, how cool is that?

Book and Makeup-love this author. This was my gift until my sister stole it from me at the last minute. 

New Ties

Roku 3

New shoes

Mink Throw

All sorts of Gloves

NCIS fans? How cool is this t-shirt?

This was a bag full of nuts and snacks that went with the t-shirt

Coupons-many of which expired the next day. 
and a nice casserole dish/pan 

Turkey Roaster

Awesome Flashlight

How cool is this coat? 

More Makeup and supplies

Improving your marriage CD's.

Shabby Apple skirt-super cute. I traded the turkey roaster for this. 

Best present of the night. This has been hanging in my Grandma's house at Christmas time since i can remember. 

Temple picture

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  1. I want in on the next Crook reunion. You guys know how to do it.