Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keane Eyes

Tim Burton, is taking on the world of wide-eyed artist, Margaret Keane, in a new movie aptly titled "Big Eyes."
The movie will center on the life of Mrs. Keane and her wildly ambitious husband, Walter (played by Amy Adam and Christoph Waltz). The two art world hot shots rose to fame in the 1950s and '60s as a result of Margaret's kitschy paintings of doe-eyed children. But the power duo eventually divorced, resulting in a decades-long battle over the artwork created while they were married. Walter, who once likened himself to Rembrandt, claimed he was the mastermind behind the fictional characters, prompting Margaret to challenge her ex to a "paint-off" in court to prove who was the rightful artist. A paint-off did eventually happen and Margaret won, causing Walter to pay out millions in damages (though he never stopped claiming rights to their big-eyed kid paintings). 

There's something about these paintings that I like that I can't quite describe. I love the solid, bright colors and the happy cartoon feel contrasted with the look of sadness. 

This photo of my almost looks like I was posing for a Keane painting, don’t you think?

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