Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to the Bank

These are things I've learned or observations in the 3 years I have worked at Central Bank
~People Feel Entitled. They really believe that you can do anything their heart desires.

~People Find Anything To Fill Out Deposit Slips, Even Crayon.

~People Don't Keep Track of Their Money

~People I See On A Regular Basis Still Don't Know Their Account Numbers

~Customers Don't Understand That You Have to Fill Out a Check to Get Cash. They Just Want You To Make Money Magically Appear.
~Somehow You Can Be Blamed When Something Bad Happens to a Customer

~People Will Pile in Line 3 Car Deep at the Drive Up Window. They Insist on Waiting Even When There Are 4 Other Empty Lanes.

~Some People Get Offended When You Ask For Their I.D.

~People Expect You To Read Their Minds.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend.

This past weekend my whole family was together, minus Jordan who gone being a salesman for the summer. Adrienne and Erin and their family's have both come to visit, as has Jamie from Idaho. This means that yes, we have had 12 wild and crazy kids under the age of 10 running around and playing, and I couldn't make me happier.

Saturday I had to work, and then Erin
a and Lindsay and Mandy and Mom and I went to a baby shower for my cousin Emily. It was fun to see her and some cousins/family etc. I haven't seen in awhile. I was tricked into playing a game of chess with Jake, the 10 year old, and shamefully admit,that I lost. Then that night we all got together to visit and have a pizza party.

Then that night, most of the older kids got into a rousing game of Croquet. Not that any of them knew how to play. At one point Isabel gave up on hitting the balls entirely and carried her ball across the yard to the end spicket. We were just glad with that many kids with hard mallets and balls nobody got hurt. We also had a makeshift baseball game, which ended up in a tie, but I definitely got a couple of good hits. Jake was upset he didn't win.

I took most of the kids to the pasture next door, so they could feed carrots to the horses that lived there. Isabel and one of the other little one's are kind of scared so they just chuck the carrots over the fence and make the horses eat them out of the dirt. Well, Jack was not a happy camper when I made him leave to go back to the house. He somehow managed to get some carrots out of the garage and he escaped out of the yard and ran next door by himself to feed the horses. His dad followed him and watched from a distance. After he gave the carrot to the horse and after the horse had finished chewing it up, Jack would throw up his arms and yell "Good Job!". I guess the horse like the enthusiastic encouragement.

Sunday we all parted ways and went to church, got kids down for naps, etc. Then around 4:30 we all got together again. We had a barbecue with hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, fruit, chips, strawberry spinach salad, etc. Safe to venture that we all got more than our fair share of the deliciousness. Then, the kids got to let loose and go play. We had volley ball going. Then we decided to play with water balloons instead of the ball

Bianca with the empty balloon bowl on her head as a hat.

Then the kids just got to run around and play. Grandma had some activities for them. She had sunglasses, beads and string and fasteners to make necklaces and bracelets, pipe cleaners and fuzzy balls and googly eyes to make animals or dolls or creatures.

See what I mean by violent children swinging things around! India at some point heard older kids talking about fighting bad guys. She grabbed a shovel, yelled "I fight" and started murdering the dirt in the flower bed.

This was my favorite part of Sunday. All 12 of my shining stars and munchkins were all finally in one place so we got them all gathered up for pictures.

Highlights from this past week or so.

~The monitor at work where we can watch all of the video from our surveillance cameras burned up and started smoking. Stunk up the whole bank.

~ I heard India count to 10 by herself correctly for the first time while
we were playing hide'n' seek

~Someone asked me if I had eyelash extenstions, ha!!!

~I got to do How Great Thou Art as a musical number in my ward.

~I was called the "child" whisperer. Thanks Jake.

~I was dressed to go to church on Sunday and Tristan told me I was a princess.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So this is a story about a lady that came into my work. She was out at the drive thru, when she hit the call button and asked for a savings withdrawal slip. We didn't think anything of it. She "filled out" the slip. Several issues.
Number 1) I wasn't the one who helped her at first, but I don't think she had written her account number down, or even knew what it was. We can look up account numbers and this wouldn't have been a problem except for . . .
Number 2). Her husbands name was "John Smith", and she signed her withdrawal slip, Mrs. John Smith.
Problem Number 3) John is the only signer on his account. Mrs John Smith, his wife, is not.
Problem Number 4) She did not have a valid form of I.D. She didn't have her driver's license or anything that had both a picture and a signature on it.

So, she kept telling us to call her husband. First of all, their account was UTL, and didn't have a current address. So even if we had a phone number on the system, who knows if it would have a been a current reachable number for her husband. Later she told us her husband was really busy at work. He was too busy to give us a call, to give us the okay to give her the money. So, by her logic, being too busy to make a phone call is not the same thing as being to busy to answer a phone call. ~ Now the story gets better.

She asks if we she can send in her sons I.D. From what I could see she had 2 maybe 3 kids in the car, and none of them were older than 10. I don't know what I.D. she was referring too. Maybe a school I.D., which still only has a picture and no signature. And, lest we forget the bigger problem at hand. Her husband john, is still the only signer on the account. Her son is not.

I told her she could use our ATM to get some cash. I was thinking she might possibly have a card from an account at another bank. She snapped back, "we don't have a card on that account, if you'd look you'd see that". I wanted to say "no ma'am, you wouldn't have a card on this account because its your husband's", but I kept that to myself.

So she just sat there and I explained again that we were very sorry but we couldn't help her take the 30 dollars out of the account. We needed to talk to her husband and we couldn't verify who she was, because she didn't have I.D. She responded rather rudely that "You're not sorry, if you were sorry you would do this for me".
I almost wanted to say alright I changed my mind. You're right I'm not sorry. . . and some other not nice things but I refrained. So she drove off in a huff because we weren't just blindly handing out people's money.

The End. Honestly People, They Do Walk Among US.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I don't like. . .

1) Why would anybody make their name lame and spell it with a dollar sign Ke$ha
2) She thinks Mick Jagger is attractive

I know the man is a legend and all, and I give him those props. However, he is 67 years old. Is this really the most attractive guy Kesha could think of to mention in her song, or is it the only thing she could rhyme with swagger.

3) Her performances are very lackluster. Her SNL performance was not that great. Her music is so electronic, all she really needs is a keyboard for her to sing along with. Her band consists of 3 total musicians, who I'm pretty sure are just there as filler.

4) Lyrics Anybody. Who brushes their teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey? And who uses the the word crack head in a song lyric.
5) Her costumes are over the top and a little strange. This in and of itself is not a bad thing, but I feel like Kesha is trying to be like Lady GaGa.

Friday, June 4, 2010


This is one of my biggest pet peeves: people misusing words. For Example:
Void:without contents; empty. Its a gap or lack of something. Its empty and vacant
De: this is a prefix that means used to indicate privation, removal, and separation (dehumidify), negation (demerit; derange),

regardless: having or showing no regard; heedless; unmindful (often fol. by of). inattentive, negligent, neglectful, indifferent, unconcerned
Ir is a prefix that means having a negative or privative force. For example, irreplaceable=no able to be replaced. Irreversible=can't be reversed. Irregular-not normal or typical

furbish: to restore to freshness of appearance or good condition
re: used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” to indicate withdrawal or backward motion. such as retrace or recast.

Please please don't be redundant in our use of these and similar words. That is all.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I've learned from watching Musical Theater

Songs are a great way to break bad news to somebody.
Its possible to fall in love with someone before you even meet them or know their name, all you have to do is look them in the eye.
Animals can talk
Guys can be clueless at any age and at any time.
Competition is Healthy
Everyone deserves the chance to fly
Anybody can appreciate and sing about clothes~guys and girls
There is literally a song for every occasion ( weddings, death, going to battle, press conferences)
Justice has a way of working itself out, go karma!!
Any conflict, however violent, can be worked out with the right music and a good dance off!