Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mash Ups

Here are a few of my Favorite Mash Ups. Like I talked about before, I love music, and mash ups are a great way to experience the best parts of 2 songs at the same time. I love listening to how the melodies and progressions complement one another and fit together so well. I think Glee has done some amazing Mash Ups.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Thing

So someone recently asked me what my "thing" was. What defines me? I had a hard time answering that question.

I finally decided on classifying my "thing" as music. I love music and everything
about it. I love listening to new things on the radio, and I love being able to play my violin or learn something new on the piano. Usually if there is a song I like I will listen to it over and over or study the lyrics on the internet until I know all of the words.

I think music has been my thing because its been part of my life ever since i can remember. Everything from private lessons, orchestra, solo and ensemble, and forced family bonding at band practice.

I know quite a bit about musical theater. I know songs from shows that aren't Wicked, Les Miserables, or Phantom (even though I love them). I am guilty of belting showtunes in my car at the top of my lungs, and yes, I like to listen to KOSY on Saturday night.

I even have a karaoke list going (not that I ever get to use it)
-Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
-Superstar by The Carpenters
-Mama Mia by Abba

I also have thought that If there was one job I would enjoy it would be a music supervisor for a movie studio. I don't know if it would be my dream job but I would love to be able to pick out songs that were used for certain movies. I believe there is good song to describe any particular feeling emotion or moment.

What would your dream job be? What are you in love with?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Too Much

You know I have realized something very profoundly this past week. Not only am I glad that after 4 years, the customers know me and don't think I am new anymore, but that I also know way too much about the customers at work.

No only do we have access to financial information, social security numbers, birthdays, addresses and phone numbers, but there is so much more.

We also know about
where people go out to dinner
who has had surgery
who is divorced
who has missionaries out
who is expecting new grandchildren
where people are going on vacation
why somebody is in the hospital
what people do for work
various hobbies
what cars people drive
This can't be normal. I feel like a creeper.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Tall and Short of It

So Saturday I went on a blind date to our ward prom. We have a lot of extra girls so people in the ward recruited their guy friends to help out. I got set up with one of these fortunate recruits. Imagine my surprise when my date picks me up and he's freakishly tall. He is 6"6. Since I am lucky if I am 5"2, if you do your math right he is 1 foot and 4 inches taller than i am.

I have heard many of my friends bemoan the fact that they are tall and that it is hard to find guys that are tall and that they feel comfortable around. They don't want to date guys who are shorter. I never thought I would have this problem and worry about how tall the people are in my life because I am so short. Let me just tell you it was awkward standing next to him and trying to dance with this kid.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Flying Irish

So I was very excited to be able to go see River Dance on Friday April 1st. I went with my parents, Lindsay, Jordan, Jake, Olivia, and Isabel.

Before the show Jordan and Jake were having a discussion that was making me laugh. They were talking about World War II. Jake's favorite person throughout all history was a General Name Erwin Rommel. They were taking about the invasion of Poland, Yugoslavia (or some Country like that. I can't remember.) They were having a philosophical discussion about what Hitler could have done to put himself ahead in the war. Jake was saying if they had moved ahead with a particular siege earlier they would have had a major advantage. It was just making me laugh. Then Lindsay pulled out this map of of the Pacific Islands and arrows and battle plans. She said that this is what Jake does during Sacrament meeting at church. And there is a couple in the ward that sits behind them and googles the maps on their Iphone to make sure Jake is accurate. It was making me laugh that this 10 year old might be smarter than I am. He is so funny.

Anyway. River dance was so much fun. There was a surprising variety, no necessarily music wise, but dance wise. There was Irish Step Dancing, Flamenco, Tap, etc. All of the dancers were so talented. The "Lord of the Dance" was really enjoying himself. He was so tall and slender and was literally flying across the stage. It was incredible. My favorite part was the second half that is set in America. The Irish Dancers and the American Tappers have a West Side Story Dance off. They get more elaborate and start teasing and in a sense mocking each other but the fight ends with mutual respect on both sides. That's probably redundant but oh well.

Anyway I was half watching the Dancers and partway watching the Musicians. The Fiddler is a champion violinist. He started playing the show when he was 16, the youngest fiddler in the shows history. He was so great. I was interested in his technique and came to a conclusion. True Irish Fiddling is so different than the style that I learned. From how much bow he uses to how he holds the bow, its a very distinctive style.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I am so glad I had the opportunity to go.