Sunday, March 28, 2010

Signs that my Job is Finally Getting To My Head

Do you ever have those times where you're brain is in a funk and you can't seem to do or say anything right. That's how the last couple days of my life have been. Long days where I'm running late for everything, tripping all over myself, dropping things, forgetting part of somebody's cash, locking myself out of my apartment. But this last experience was just the icing on the cake.
So I worked with Leah on Saturday. Its just the two tellers on Saturday; nobody else. We got all of the night drop done and we were pretty slow so we started a game of Phase 10. Our game was obviously full of breaks as we stopped every time a customer came to the drive up. After one of these breaks, we were trying to decide whose turn it was. I turned to Leah and instead of asking, "Did you discard that 6?" I turned to Leah and asked "Did you deposit that 6". She just laughed at me, as she should have. How ridiculous.
I guess the Bank has finally seeped into my subconscious.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Can't Get It Out of My Head

So I'm a little bit in love with this guys voice.
His name is Gavin Creel.
Okay, so I'm a lot in love with his voice
and I didn't even know that was possible.
He was the original Jimmy in Thoroughly Modern Millie.
His voice is just gorgeous. His voice is like
butter, or as my roommate calls it, luscious.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why I love Jake Tyler Mitchell

So Jake is one of my favorite people in the world right now. He acts so grown up and I'm convinced he's too smart for his own good. He likes to bond with Grandpa and I by stumping each other with trivia. He likes to bond with Uncle Jordan by playing Diplomacy.
So on Sunday Jake came over to my parents house. Grandpa had prepared an activity for Jake. He traced a a blank map of Africa to see how many countries Jake could fill in.
Jake actually did really well. He got more countries than I could have gotten off the top of my head. I told him I was really impressed. I told Jake that I didn't have to learn countries and capitals and fill out maps until 9th grade when I took world Geography.
He gave me this kind of offended look and said. .
"We're not learning this in school. Kids in my class don't even know the difference between a country and a state. Somebody in my class said that his favorite country was New Jersey".
My thoughts. .. .
I didn't mean to associate you with these other ignorant low life 3rd graders Jake

Clearly this kid needs to be learning more in school, but I love him. He's my best buddy =-)

Best Quote of the Week ~March 9

So We had a guest speaker in my Articulation Disorders class. He was talking about Palatometers. Palatometers is a new tools used in speech therapy that uses computer technology to help children visualize their tongue placement while they speak. Anyway our guest speaker shared that he was run over by a truck when he was about 2 years old. He had to have reconstructive surgery on his face and at least one of his ears. He said he was lucky that he had the type of personality to deal with being a little different and to deal with the rotten kids his age at school. When kids his age would tease him and give him flack, he'd give it right back to them. When they asked what happened to his ear he'd say "My parents cut it off" That usually kept the other children quiet =-)

Anyway because of his accident, he had to go through speech therapy. He was the 2nd Grader who had to go to see the therapist instead of going to recess. but he shared
"Yes, I had to go through speech therapy when I was little. Except that my speech therapist was about 100 years old, he had horrible, awful breath, and he made me say "sh" words that I wasn't supposed to say"

I just had this image in my mind:
Say sh@$#
But I'm not supposed to say that
Say it kid!!

It made me laugh

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So Last Week, March 3rd, I started a GRE prep Course. We took a diagnostic test to see kind of in what areas we were strong, and where we need to work. 2 full hours of testing. It was brutal and needless to say I felt quite humbled when I got my waited scores back. I got 520/800 on the math sections (40 percentile-pitiful) and 560/800 (74 percentile). So there's lots of room for improvement. As I like to. I can't really do any worse, there's no place to go but up =-)

Then Thursday I got to do Goldman Fristo Test of Articulation on Isabel for a project. Just my luck. It was so nice and sunny that day. I wore a t-shirt. When I walked over to the clinic to pick up the test it started getting breezy and a little colder. So, on my way to class I stopped by my apartment and got a sweater. As I walked home from class with Maddie, my partner for the project, it was snowing. Full on snowing. So we had to drive to my parents house and meet Lindsay and the kids to do the test. Isabel was really adorable and actually surprisingly cooperative. There's a part of the oral motor exam where we have to have the kids say puh puh puh as fast as they can 20 times. Then the same thing for tuh and kuh. Then we have them say them together 20 times, either puh tuh kuh or buttercup. Isabel didn't want to do it at first. She kind of looked at us like we were a bit crazy. She told us she didn't want to do that and that she was too little. She was great for the rest of the test though. She was a trooper.

Friday, We had a girls night. My friends Justine and kaisha and I went to dinner and then we met up with some other friend from the ward to see Leap Year. I like Amy Adams. The movie was cutesy. It was fun but nothing really special. I actually found it very predictable. I just kept thinking throughout the movie that the shoes Amy Adams was wearing were really cute but they looked really uncomfortable, especially for all the walking and hiking that was going on during the movie.

Saturday I worked til 1. Then, I wanted to meet up with my cousins and hang out. My cousin is getting married and wanted me to meet her at Davids Bridal so she could try on a dress. I got there first and I didn't want to go wait inside. That would just be slightly awkward. So I sat down on a bench outside and got my book out to read. I'm reading The Lovely Bones. Now, this homeless guy who had been standing on the corner of the sidewalk facing the street with a "Please Help Me" sign came over and asked if he could sit by me. I said sure. Right as he was sitting down my cousins entered the parking lot and drove past and were laughing at what was happening. So the homeless guy looks over at me and asks "Are you reading the Bible?" I looked down at my book and back at him. I was thinking in my head "Does this look like a Bible, this story is probably the furthest you could get from the good messages found in the Bible". But I looked at him and with a slight smile said, "I'm not reading it right now". He just looked at me and said "Sorry. I'm really tired. Its really hard work out here." With that I promptly put my attention back to my book and waited for my cousins to find a parking spot.
That Night we also had some friends over to watch Taken. Such a good movie!!!!