Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reach for the stars, or for mediocrity

So for those of you who don't know my biggest pet peeves is lazy people who think they are entitled and that they are better than everybody else. Some examples from. I get really irritated when I see people come through the drive-up at the bank with handicapped stickers in their car who are perfectly healthy and capable of walking around. There is a lady who will remain nameless who is so lazy that she expects us to do money orders for her at the drive-up because its too hard for her to walk inside. Go get some Exercise!!!
I also really get annoyed with people at grocery stores who make their own "cart return" because its too hard to walk the 5 or 10 feet to the real designated cart return.
Another thing that amazes me about people is how screwed up their priorities are. Never mind thousands of dollars spent on cigarettes, or people who don't want to work because they don't mind living in a trailer as long as they have their dish to watch t.v. For example. I had this kind of hick guy come to my window at the bank. He had one tooth. He had a tooth, one tooth, sticking out from his bottom jaw. Yes just like my little niece Bianca. He then proceeds to tell me he just sold his house/estate in Italy. Okay. How does this make sense. He can buy a house in Europe but he can't afford to take himself to the dentist. Maybe after he gets his 2 million from selling the house he can buy himself some dentures.

Anyway. I realized this week that I love playing my violin. I haven't actually hard core practiced since high school but I practiced the Bach Double with a friend yesterday. It hurt my wrist and it started out as a train wreck but we practiced and worked at it. By the end it actually sounded like music. It was a freaking blast! So much fun. I need to start my own private practice.

Thanks for listening to my latest rant gentle reader.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I'm called the drastic fantastic

So if anybody was ever wondering why I named my blog the drastic fantastic its kind of a running joke. Trouble and disaster seem to follow me and some think its funny. For example last October or so I was driving down University Parkway in Provo and my tire came off of my car.
So this week I had a really really awful day. It first started on Sunday when I discovered why my new laptop had been acting so crappy. Well it was ambushed and attacked by viruses. NOt just a virus but many as in plural. Just my luck. Then while my computer is taken away to get fixed I leave my phone at work. Just to top off my week I took my car in to get inspected. My car is worn out and the front tire that hadn't popped off of my car was going to in the near future. It kind of makes me scared to get in my car. What if my tire decides to come off while i'm cruising down the freeway.

Anyway a bright spot or few in my week. I saw Star Trek. I knew nothing about it but surprisingly I thought it was really good. My computer is back finally and is running beautifully.