Monday, March 10, 2014

You Remember That One Time?

Yesterday, I posted the following picture of my sisters and I on Facebook. I don't know I how I have gone my entire 25 years on this earth without ever seeing this picture. Isn't this a gem of a picture? Not only is this only 1 of 3 pictures existence of my four sisters and I together,  but it is also proof that we were almost famous. Ha Ha.

I bring this up only because of the conversation this picture stirred up on Facebook. It involves yet another unknown, or perhaps  unremembered, part of my childhood. This picture reminded my uncle of a story.  So I thought you would enjoy!

  • T.r. Brinkerhoff This reminds me of a story.

  • Hillary Crook I want to hear a story.

  • T.r. Brinkerhoff I was pinch-hitting one early evening, taxiing a herd of y'all from Salt Lake to Highland or Lehi in the big van in the rain to some sort of lessons (violin maybe?) Once off the main road in Highland, we kept hitting these hidden potholes full of water that would rattle the whole wagon. I said something like, "Stupid potholes". The next one we hit, Hillary looked up at me seriously and repeated it...but said something other than "potholes". We had to pull over until the tears subsided.

  • Hillary Crook Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Im pretty sure you are making this up.

  • T.r. Brinkerhoff My hand to heaven I am not making that up.

  • Erin Crook Boehm What did she say, Ted?

  • T.r. Brinkerhoff Well, I don't like to actually write it on was just a word that sounded very much like "pothole", but wasn't. It was all very innocent, Hill was just repeating what she thought she'd heard me say. It was just surprising, and adorable, and very, very funny. Just one of those little moments that make life worth living. I'd say it was about the time this photo was taken.