Saturday, September 5, 2009


These is a retelling of actual events that happened last saturday

So 2 days after the Idaho incident when my car broke down the first time, and After I get the car back. with the fuel pump replaced, I drive home from work and my engine overheats. My poor dad had to drive and come meet me. But we got the problem fixed. The radiator cap needed to be replaced.

So Everything was glorious this past week with the car. I even met my cousin for breakfast and drove around and hung out. Then Saturday, I drove over to WAlmart on University Parkway. As I'm leaving, ready to make a right hand turn on to the parkway my car stops and dies. Right at the light, so there's a whole long line of cars behind me. I'm sure they were really mad. some guy behind me tried to start my car and he couldn't help. Then, a whole bunch of guys pushed me across the intersection into a gas station parking lot. One of the guys actually asked me if i had gas in my car. I was thinking yes, I'm not an imbecile. Then this nice kid stayed and waited with me. We tried to start the car, checked fluids, checked for leaks. I called my parents, they were at a movie. I felt awful. My parents were trying to do something for their anniversary. They had a wedding reception and stake conference to go to as well that night. my brother was up in Heber so he didn't answer his phone. Luckily my friend Travis was in Provo. He came and picked me up. We hung out and went to Rumbi's. We sat and waited for my parents to come get the car but they were late and met me later at my aparment. They jump started my car and never had any problems on the way back. They left me my dad's car and took mine home. So the next day we got the battery tested and it was fine. Yet it keeps stalling. I'm actually afraid of my car sometimes. Nobody can tell me what is wrong with my car.