Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Just Haven't Met You Yet

OH Michael Buble, How do I love you. Let me count the ways. He he

If you haven't seen is video for Haven't met you Yet. I highly recommend it.

My Life in October

Here are just a few of the highlights
So Oct. 15 was my Dad's birthday. I had to work all day so I was going to buy him some apple fritters and drop them off at his work on my way to American Fork. Well I got to UVU and the parking lot was empty. I realized that my dad was on Fall break for the rest of the week so he wasn't at work. Luckily he was at Best Buy right by my work and he came and met me. That,

I'm pretty sure one of the customers in the drive up at the bank was either high or drunk and should not have been driving. When I took his check to go to my station and cash it he rang the call button and wanted to tell us we were doing a great job. So when I sent his cash out he was practically hanging out of his car door, and he was slurring his speech and he said You guys are the best!!!. It made me laugh for the rest of the hour.
So my parents went and test drove a car last saturday or the Saturday before that. The salesman told us he was from American Fork and hadgraduated from AF High in 2007. And, as I was defending their rivals, my highschool, Lone Peak, He asked me If i was still at school or if I had graduated yet. I told him i graduated in 2006, he felt really awkward and embarrased when he found out i was older than he was ha ha

So My roomate, who is a freshman and I were watching Glee one wednesday. One of the songs they performed was Sweet Caroline. My roommate does not know who Niel Diamond is. She said she recognized the song because she'd heard the Jonas Brothers sing it. I was kind of shocked, disappointed and a little appalled.

Then Last saturday I was at work. Some lady called and asked when day light savings time was. That was the only reason she called. but i guess the bank is as good a place as any to find that out. We are full service after all. ha ha. I guess it was better than calling 911 or something

So Yesterday, I had this crotchity old man swore at me. He had an account with us but wanted cash a check from another bank. I told him I couldn't use his account to cash the check until the balance was positive. He got all huffy and irritated and then bold me basically he didn't need by B.S. but he didn't say b.s.
And I had to go to Walmart to find a Halloween shirt. My work gave us the option to either wear a costume or wear jeans and a holiday shirt/sweater. I was just going to wear an orange shirt i already owned but they said it has to have something festive on it so here is what I came up with. What do you think? ha ha

Catch Up from my Life in September

This past sunday duriing Sacrament meeting, this girl in my ward that i've never met, was freaking staring at me during the opening song. then after we sang, she made some completely inappropriate and kind of rude about how on of my thumbs is different then the other. Keep in mind i've never spoken to this girl before, i don't know her name, and this is my first impression. "This is something abnormal that i've noticed about you" is what she was basically saying. Then she made some comment about people have to look at her but as she got up to bear her testimony in relief society. What ever!!!

So my sister Adrienne is coming tomorrow with her family, her husband and two boys. She 's the sister having a baby girl like the week after thanksgiving. I also found out that my oldest sister lindsay in having baby number five and is due in may.

So here are some highlights from the last two weeks. (sorry i didn't write last week, i'm an awful person). So I took a test that thursday before conference for my speech anatomy class. I got a 96% on the mulitple choice part and we get the written portion back in class tomorrow. Cross your fingers. ha ha.

Then My sister came from denver with her family that day and stayed for a week. I miss them a lot. her boys are so adroable, and i can't wait to meet the new baby in december. To secure my place as favorite aunt, i bought tristan and jack presents before they left. I bought Jack a stuffed monkey. I bought tristan an elephant. We named the elephant Harry.

Conference was so good. So many great talks, all about improving, and service and love. I loved Elder Bednars talk, Elder Uchtdorf's talk, Elder Oaks, Elder Holland. So so so good.

Last weekend I got kidnapped. It s a pretty funny story. So my roomate Sarah went to dinner with 3 of her friends, Liam, Graham, and Brittney. They came back to our apt afterwards and we hung out , and talked, and laughed, etc. etc. For an hour or two. Around midnight, they all decide to go to Brittney's place to make muddy buddies adn watch a movie. They tell me i'm going with them, and that I didn't have a choice. So Sarah and I were thinking we were going to Brittney's apt in Provo. As we drive in the car, we realize we are head toward the freeway and we were going to Brittney's family's house in Highland, which is pretty close to where your family is i think.

So we make treats and watch Arsenic and Old Lace. Finally the movie is over around 3:30 in the morning. Everyone is dead tired so we all just crashed on extra beds in Brittney's house. We drove home in the morning. It was quite an adventure.

then I had people from my ward last year over for dinner on Sunday. I almost ruined the sloppy joes i made. Who does that? how hard is it to make sloppy joes. um. . on a scale form 1-10 about 2. I was so embarrased. I did salvage them and they were delicous. We had grapes and sloppy joes and fries and apple pie. it was so good. We also got on skype and talked to my roomate who couldn't come because she' on an internship and is in Washington DC. So its been pretty crazy.