Monday, September 20, 2010

Cry Me A River

Life is such a rollercoaster ride. At times we are at the top of the tallest hill, feeling good. Other times we are hurdling toward the ground feeling completely out of control. I think this emotion we are able to feel is amazing and I am grateful for it. Its incredible the range of different emotions we can feel in just one day.
There are definitely things that make us feel warm, and that make us want to smile. For example, my nephew Jack just turned 3. I called to tell him I loved him and to wish him Happy Birthday. He ran away from the phone to get one of his presents. It was completely adorable that Jack thought he could show me his new truck through the phone.

But, what about times when we feel discouraged and sad, and we get so overwhelmed there is nothing left to do but cry. I am not a particularly weepy l person but I've been thinking lately, Why is crying considered such a bad thing? why do people try to hide when they get emotional? Is it embarrassing for them?

Crying is a natural way of releasing emotions from our bodies. Those, for whom crying comes easily, often remark about how much better they feel after a good cry.
But for many, there is much fear associated with appearing vulnerable and letting go.
Shame about being seen to cry.

Or maybe a life time of suppressed tears that just will not come.

Let's face it - babies cry.

Our toddlers howl, storm, rage and tantrum.

Our children weep, sob or wail.

But are we, as parents, as adults, able to avail ourselves of this amazing, natural, available system of stress relief or has it been conditioned out of us?

Can you, and do you cry?

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  1. I cry roughly three times a week. There is nothing wrong with it. It is a good way for me to release emotion and come to terms with how I feel about certain things.

    I am sorry you ever cry though Hills. Come see us!