Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I love to see the temple.

This past week one of my friends got married and I played in a quartet at the ceremony.
My friend who got married is not LDS. The wedding was at Thanksgiving point in a garden area with a humongous waterfall. The garden was beautiful and the tables with covered with pretty purple tableclothes and candles. The actual ceremony was very nice and very sweet. The bride and groom recited or shared their own vows. I've never seen my friend so emotional, and it was so touching. You could tell, without a doubt, that these two loved each other and care about each other more than anything else. While the wedding was nice, it got me thinking how grateful I am that we have the temple to be sealed in for eternity. If two people care about each other as much as my friend and her husband, i'd want them to be together forever not just for this lifetime.

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