Thursday, April 29, 2010

She's Here

Miss Georgia Mae Mitchell is Here. April 28 2010.
Can't wait to see here. I now have 10 munchkins to love on and hug.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Proof Positive

So I am a total fan of the show Glee. I've fallen in love with Lea Michelle's voice. So I was thrilled that Idina Menzel was on the show 2 episodes ago. I even enjoyed the Power of Madonna episode this week, and I'm not a huge Madonna fan. I was also very excited to hear that in a soon to be aired Lady Gaga tribute episode, Lea Michelle and Idinia Menzel are going to sing together. So amazing!!! I also saw they are bringing Kristen Chenowyth's character, April, back next episode. Imagine if they could get Kristin and Idina to sing something together again.

Anyway. . . I'm being majorly distracted. . . the point is I knew Lea and Idina looked similar but I had no idea they resembled each other so much that they could be related. I love them both.
I just wanted to ramble for a minute and again push more evidence out there that If they are making the movie Wicked with a younger cast, they should get Lea Michelle to do it.
That is all

Monday, April 5, 2010


This Easter Weekend I got to see 7 out of my 9 luvs.
Its been the best couple of days. I got to see the Bireleys for the first time since Christmas.
We dyed Easter Eggs with Jack and Tristan.
Jordan Adrienne and Mom and I had Double shot competitions.

We had my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup.
We had the most delicious Ham dinner with salad, and rolls and trifle bar for dessert.
Jake challenged me to see if I could correctly fill out a map of the united states.
I missed 5. I mixed up Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. (dumb). i mixed up Maryland and Masschussettes for some stupid reason. (why, I don't know). Jake insisted on going around the house and telling everybody. We got to video chat with Erin in Missouri

I played Steam Roller, Tag and Hide and Seek, with the little kids.
We had a Easter Egg Hunt in our Back Yard. It was the most adorable thing you've ever seen.
And to top everything off, WE had an intense game of Canasta and I lost. big surprise!

This is Scarlett laughing. probably the cutest thing ever.

Friday, April 2, 2010

MB Happiest Day Ever.

Wednesday March 31, I met my Bubles. Yes, Michael Buble. I know he's engaged but he's just so adorable. His Concert was amazing. In a way I'm really sad its over and that I don't have the experience to look forward to anymore. It was a blast though, he's a fabulous entertainer.
Before the show started, I noticed this family across the aisle from us. They had their two little boys with them they one was 6 or 7, the other was 8 or 9. I couldn't help but think those poor boys were dragged there. They probably had no idea what was going on or who Michael Buble even was.
The Group that opened for him was Naturally 7. They are a 7 piece a capella group from New York. They don't just sing though. They imitate instruments and make their own music, literally. They were so talented I was really blown away. They had a guy imitate every single part of a drum set from the cymbals, the hi hat, to the bass drum. They had a guy imitating a guitar as well. I've never seen anything like it.
Michael Buble came out. He began with conducting his orchestra, and singing Cry me A River.
He sang At This Moment, Mack the Knife, I've got the World on a String, For Once in My Life. He sang All of Me, Crazy Love and of course Everything. He let the audience sing the very end La La La La La La La La La La La. He explained that he wanted to write part of a song that everybody could sing a long to, no matter what country he was in. My dad had never heard the song before, and I was seriously wondering why he even came to the concert in the first place. Even people who aren't Michael Buble fans know that song.
My Bubles also sang this really beautiful song that said something to the effect of I saved the Best of Myself for You but I don't remember what the song is called. I'd never heard it before. Then he talked about what music inspired him when he was little. He did a Michael Jackson Impression and sang Billie Jean. He also said He loved the parade scene in Ferris Buehelr's Day Off. So he sang Twist and Shout.
After that Naturally 7 came back out and sang Stardust with him. As they were singing, they walked down the aisle to a platform/stage in the middle of the arena. He WAS FREAKING 10 FEET AWAY FROM ME.

His next song was Home. He started the song like three different times, with different words. The first times he said "just kidding guys"then he started a second time, and people started laughing and he said okay just kidding and then the started singing I'm Yours, by Jason Mraz and then finally he said, Okay, guys seriously Then he sang Home. He then sang a song that is very near and dear to my heart. Save the Last Dance. He sang Heartache Tonight and Georgia on My Mind. Then Michael sang Just Haven't Met you Yet. This is the song I really wanted to get recorded on my camera. Unfortunately the batter was dying so I only got about 9 or 10 seconds of it. He then came back on stage and sang 3 more songs as an Encore. Feeling Good, Me and Mrs Jones, and A Song For You.
Michael Buble just seems like such a fun and genuine and heart felt person. He introduced his band and just went off about how wonderful they were. He said at the beginning of the show that he didn't want this to be a concert, because concerts are boring. He said he wanted to put on a show where we could participate, and dance, and sing, basically just have a party with him. Otherwise, we could all have stayed home and listened to his CD. He just kept saying how appreciative he was of his fans. I really felt like he sincerely appreciates and loves his fans. Thats why he performs. He saidhe loved us all and and really talked to us like we were his friends. He went of also about how much he appreciates people spending their hard earned money to come see him perform and assured us that it is never taken for granted. What a Good Guy!!!
2 things I learned: Michael Buble is Amazing. When he sings Live, he sounds just as good as his Album. Next time he comes in Concert, I am getting an aisle seat on the floor.
Here are some videos. They weren't the best quality but still enjoyable. This is Naturally Seven Singing a New Song.

This is MB singing Cry me a River. Opening Number with Fireworks and Everything.

This Is Only This Moment

Here's part of Haven't Met You Yet.

Michael Jackson and Twist and Shout