Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday-Moving Out

I was lucky when I finally moved out. It was about a year or so after I had started college. Four girls I knew from high school, including my neighbor Leslie, were actually all living together when fall semester started. One thing led to another and one of the girls, Emily, got engaged and needed to sell her contract, so I moved into the apartment in October.  It was a quick deal where my parents helped me move boxes, kitchen stuff, and bedding over to my apartment in one afternoon, told me good bye and left me to do my thing. 

So there was Leslie, Becca, Sarah, and I in the apartment, with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Sadly I was voted the most girly in the apartment because I was the only one who showered and washed my hair everyday but that’s an entirely different story.  Here are some pictures of what the apartments “supposedly” looked like. They were a bit ghetto. Moving out taught me how important it Is to clean up and keep your place tidy.  

The four of us were all friends with another apartment of guys named Richie, Corey, Drake, and Monte. The first night in my new apartment Sarah came home after being on a date with Corey and had to tell us all about how Corey had finally kissed her. It was all very exciting. Corey and Sara ended up getting married the next year and Becca finally gave Monte a chance. He liked her for so long but she would not give him the time of day. Monte tried so hard. Now they are married. And Leslie just got engaged to a kid who lived in the apartment complex at the same time.  

In summary, moving out was not traumatic for me. I lived close enough that I could go home on Sundays and I had a great experience with my first roommates. They were all so fun. Even though we only lived together for a year, we did become good friends. 

Becca took food from Leslie
Leslie and I 
Becca and Richie


Richie and Drake

Nap Time
Sarah and Corey's Wedding

Back together in April

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