Sunday, June 30, 2013

2nd Annual Crook Refunion Part 1

We Stayed in Breckenridge Colorado, somewhere nearish the Air Force Academy-hence the Top Gun T-shirts. 

 View from our room

Pictures of our room 

 Going Swimming

 I had to take a picture of Gracelynn. She was so sad because she needed an adult to help her play in the water. She didn't want to be stuck on the steps.  


This is how Henry Smiles-it's adorable

Lunch at Empire Burger (so delicious)

Yes, all 27 of us took up the whole patio at the restaurant. 

Sorting the White Elephant Gifts

Day 1 

 Flip Flops

 New Lebron Shoes
 Syrup for Hot Chocolate
 Learn Italian CDs
 More Shoes
 Foldable Duffle Bag
 Bostonian Dress Shoes

 Makeup and umm...other feminine things
 Bamboo Steamer, Citrus Spritzer, and Truffle Sea Salt
 Cell Phone Charger
 Mullet Hat
Lolita T-shirt
 Makeup and fun Stuff
 Pleated Shabby Apple Skirt

 Neck Massager

Bird house made with a Spade and Neuter Your Pet Kentucky License Plate

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