Thursday, June 20, 2013

Elementary School Crushes

I remember around 3rd and 4th grade there were a couple of boys I had crushes on.

There was J.  I’m not sure why I had a crush on him because we weren't really even friends.  Maybe it was his blonde hair. Maybe it was the overalls he wore because that was cool back then. Maybe it was the ear piercing. I don’t know.

Next there was A. We were in the same class for 2 school years. One year we sat next to each other or at the same table. I can't reallly remember. I actually do remember making him cry once but that’s a whole separate story.

Then there was B in 6th grade. He was the cool jock, even back then in elementary school. I’m pretty sure every girl we went through junior high and high school with was in love with him.

Then there were the boys that I only saw on t.v.

Jonathon Taylor Thomas.

And of course Nate Richert (aka) Harvey Kinkle


  1. I've been reading all these posts and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is mentioned a lot! :P I don't think I saw anything with him in it till the 2000s, and by then, his haircut was "so 90s" and funny-looking. :P

  2. I wrote about JTT too. Excited to follow your blog thanks to the link up. Everything Erica Loves