Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 Utah State Feis

Is and India, getting ready to go dance. I don't know why Isabel pulls this face. It's as if she is simultaneously trying to smile without showing her teeth and frown at the same time. 

Olivia stretching out her legs. 

 Olivia in her new dress. 

Georgia Mae

India placed and won a medal. 

Olivia getting her hard shoes on and Georgia enjoying a treat from Grandma.  

 Olivia performing her set dance. 

Isabel enjoying a mid competition treat. She won 2 medals by this point and I'm positive she won at least won more but I had to leave before we found out the results. I'm just a super proud auntie.

This whole competition was really entertaining.I have to share a funny story about Isabel though. The competition usually has one large dance floor divided into three stages/performance areas. That way they have three judges and three groups performing at the same time.  In one of Isabel's dances she was on the middle stage and somehow felt she needed to use and move across all three stages to perform her jig or reel, I can't remember which one it was. 

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