Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunday Social 52

1. What is your favorite social media outlet?
I really prefer Facebook or my blog. I can share pictures videos, and updates so easily. I am just not clever or exciting enough to tweet things daily.

2. Do you subscribe to any daily new reads? If so, which ones?
I’ll check Yahoo News or for my local news.
I’ve wanted to check out the Drudge Report but haven’t had a chance to do it yet.

3. What is your favorite magazine to have by the pool?
People, US Weekly, and Entertainment Weekly.

4. What is your favorite summertime song?
I Want Crazy-Hunter Hayes
Pirate Flag-Kenny Chesney
Heart Attack-Demi Levato
Beat This Summer-Brad Paisley
Wildflower-Janedear Girls

5. What is the best summer concert you've been to?
I would probably say Rascal Flatts. That post with pictures is here.

I did just go to see Taylor Swift. That post should be up tomorrow. Please check back and have an wonderful Sunday. 

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