Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Favorites from this Week.

First, we've had a doe living in our backyard for the past week or two. On Tuesday she gave birth to three fawn. In our yard! Crazy. Sadly she took the triplets and left the next day. My mom took pictures but hasn't downloaded them yet. I will put them up later  if I get a chance. The rest of this week we have had  an older doe also vacationing in our yard. She likes to sit in the shade and eat the tomato plants in the garden. We chase her off, but most of the time she circles around the garage and waits for us to leave and then just settles right back in again.

I took these pictures on Thursday I think. This first one is through our dining room window. Then I opened the door and spooked her so she stood up and left.

Strawberry Hi-Chews are my new favorite candy. I love them.

Superman, excuse me, Man of Steel,  Friday Night! I didn't really love Lois Lane but the movie was pretty great. 

I'm just glad they got rid of the red underwear for Henry Cavil's costume.

Swimsuit  Shopping. I think Hapari has some really cute patterns, especially the tankinis. I also really enjoy that you could choose the style of bottom. You can get the skirts, shorts, bikini cut, anything you want really. If you are looking for a new swimming suit check out the website.

The most important news this week. I get tickets to see my boyfriend (aka Michael Buble) in November! I am literally counting down the days. (157 in case you were wondering)

Here's a Jimmy Kimmel Video to get you through the rest of the weekend.

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