Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Road Trip

So We had Spring Break March 12-16.  So my parents and I took a road trip. We drove to Kirksville to see Erin, Karl, Bianca and Henry. Not only do I not have to go to class, but i got almost the entire week off of work. So Nice.

The car ride was nice. I slept most of the way. Sitting in the car really takes it out of you ha ha. I also listened to music, watched a couple of movies, and finished my book for my Children's Lit. Class.
An additional bonus of the trip was spending Monday with Uncle Ted. He was nice enough to drive down from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We had a great time laughing and chatting, and admiring Brandon Flowers new CD. I got a tour of Kirksville and AT Still University where Karl goes to school. The school has these incredibly awesome dummies that simulate health problems such as heart failure, lung problems. Some of the dummies can even deliver babies! Crazy!

                                                 Here are my cute munchkins. Bianca and Henry
                                                  outside of their house. We're going on a walk

During our stay we got a tour of Kirksville. There's this amazing abandoned old red brick school house.

 This is a view of the side entrance. (Nobody accused me of being a talented photographer ha ha.  I thought this was pretty good considering I took from inside the car. 
 There are lots of cute neighborhoods and houses around Kirksville I told my sister that Kirksville is kind of perfect for her and her family right now. It reminds me of a mix between Logan and Bicknell.

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