Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Social 9.14.14

1. Favorite scent

Perfume, I think my favorite is still Touch of Pink by La Coste
For Lotions I love citrus. I had a pink grapefruit lotion that was to die for.

2. Favorite food
Obviously I love chocolate and sweet potato fries.
But my favorite at the moment would be Tacos. There is a small place close to where i live that make the best tacos. I tried the steak tacos and fried cod tacos. Both are delicious. 
3. Favorite sound
I love the cello. 
I am just entranced whenever I hear this Bach Prelude

4. Favorite picture currently on your phone
It's hard to choose. 
I love this picture of my cousin and I

I also love that was able to get this one of my grandparents together. This was on
my Grandma's 89th birthday

5. Best memory of the year so far
Our yearly family reunion
If you want to see pictures I posted about it here

Or the Hunter Hayes Concert I went to in April


  1. Aw, your grandparents are so cute! Happy Sunday Social!

  2. You and your cousin are very pretty, but those grandparents are crazy cute! Sweet potato fries? I love those, too! And seriously, I can't eat enough fish tacos. Yum.

  3. Oh, tacos are so yummy! Love that cute picture of your grandparents!