Sunday, August 1, 2010

July-the Saga and the Happenings

Since the beggining of July my grandpa has been so sick. So only a week or
two after they week home, my sisters came back to Utah. Although it was a
sad occassion it was so fun and I love spending time with my munchkins.

. Lynn Crook 1918 ~ 2010 Darwin Lynn Crook, 92, passed away quietly
at his Orem home on July 22, 2010 after a short illness.
Lynn was born in Payson, UT on Feb 15, 1918. Lynn served as the Mayor of
Santaquin for 16 years and as a Nebo School Board member.
He also served as an LDS Bishop, and as a counselor in a Stake Presidency.
He was married to Josephine Cannon from Feb 15, 1940 until her death on March 7, 1996.
The funeral was really sweet and heartfelt. There were a few laughs but also many tears. I love
hearing storiesabout grandpa. I"ve been thinking a lot that as sad
as this past couple of weeks have been, its great that grandma and grandpa can be together again
after all of these years.

Poor little Bianca broke her ankle. She got an adorable purple cast. She could run around and climb on things better than anyone I've ever seen with that cast on.

We went to Sacrament meeting and got to hear President Monson Speak.

I haven't seen Jordan since the end of April and he drove home for the weekend.

We taught Tristan TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME and Yankee Doodle Dandy. I love hearing little man sing. Its probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. Especially when he and jack are doing One. . . two. . . three strikes you're out (hand gestures and everything).

We went to This is the Place Park. We all enjoyed icecream, train rides, chasing kids, getting heat stroke. The kids were great though. We did discover that Scarlett is afraid of cows. Go figure.

I'm sad everyone is gone, but despite the funeral and everything it was a lot of fun.

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