Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gratitude on Thursdays

So This Past I had my admissions interview at BYU. After I got my parking pass a lady gave me my name tag and took my picture. I was then led back to a room where there were 6 or 7 professors waiting to talk. I was so nervous. The first few questions I could not find my calm and peaceful place inside and my voice got all shaky.

They asked me how I first got interested in being an SLP, Why I was interested in BYUs program, what did I have to offer or bring to my cohort if I was accepted into the program. They were curious about my career goals and if I had given much thought about a subject for my thesis. The two questions that caught me off guard the most was when I was asked share a time when I have had to accept and apply feedback or criticism. The second questions was to share an experience where I had to deal with someone exhibiting bad, and inappropriate behavior. I talked about my music lessons and how much critiquing private teachers and solo and ensemble festivals will bring. Feedback is really how you improve.

I used my job shadow experience from over the summer to answer the second question. I talked about a special needs girl that was coming to therapy. She was so stubborn and was nervous around me so she refused to talk or work at all while i was in the room. Sometimes I had to observe from the hall, sometimes I snuck in the room while her back was to the door. I was able to do a few activities and games with her to show her I was there to be her friend. I made it my personal mission to win her over. She warmed up a little but not a ton. Dr. Nissen then asked me whether music lessons had taught me anything that would be valuable in my graduate studies. Music has taught me persistence and hard work. Achieving a goal or developing a talent takes time and its not full of successes. There are definitely ups and downs, such as forgetting your memorized piece, or freezing at the piano, or crying as you played at your first violin recital. I drove my siblings crazy with my practicing, but I am pretty sure they got over it =-)

All in all the interview definitely got better as things went along. I have had classes from all of the professors and they were all very nice and understanding. I am supposed to hear back the first of March so wish me luck!

Thursday Night after my interview and after work, I got to go to Relief Society Meeting and hear this lovely lady talk. Meet Meg Johnson.

From her Website-
Meg Johnson has motivated tens of thousands of people across the globe with her motto: When life gets too hard to stand, just keep on rollin'!

Meg fell off a cliff and broke her neck in 2004, at the blossoming age of 22. She spent four months in the hospital recovering from multiple injuries and returned home without the use of her legs, back, stomach, or hands - a full quadriplegic.

Wheelchair bound and determined, Meg refuses to sit still. Since she was paralyzed, Meg has…

  • Competed at the national Ms. Wheelchair America pageant in New York
  • Founded and directs Ms. Wheelchair Utah
  • Instituted a service outreach program with Intermountain Healthcare
  • Authored several books

I was so happy that I was able to go and listen to her. Despite her disability she is the funniest and most perky person you will ever meet. We were all laughing the entire time. I highly recommend finding an opportunity to hear her speak. Her story is truly inspiring. It made me realize, despite my limitations, how truly blessed I am. No matter what obstacles we face, there is always something to smile about, always something love, always something to be grateful for. Life is too short, don't let it pass you by.

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