Sunday, October 9, 2011

Feis Weekend

This weekend was so much fun.
Friday I got to go to the Divine Comedy Show. I know I'm a little obsessed. I was laughing the entire time though. It was so worth the hour plus long wait in line. They rewrote the poem the Raven, they did a Magic School Bus Skit, a Date with Voldemort. Their headliner was Aladdin. So funny. Especially EQP ha ha.

Saturday I got to go to Olivia's Feis and see her dance. She did amazing!! She won 4 first place medals and 2 second place. The only setback was that Tyler had to take poor Georgia Mae to the ER with a dislocated elbow. poor puppy =-(
My sister has developed some Irish themed clothes (sweats and tshirts) to sell at the Feis. I got me one of each. They are pretty dang awesome.
These black sweats are awesome. They are a boyfriend cut with wide, straight legs.
All of the sweats say "Rattle Your Bones" on one leg and "Dance Irish" on the other.
I love the Charlie's Angels t-shirts. They turned out great.

FRee Plug-check out Bangers and Mash Tees on Facebook. If you like the page on Facebook this month you are entered into a drawing to win a free t-shirt.
This was Olivia's first competition with her solo dress. She looked so dang cute!

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