Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I love Christmas, and I loved being able to spend the weekend with my family.
 Christmas eve after work, Lindsay and Tyler and the kids came over for dinner. 
In keeping with the spirit of why we celebrate Christmas in the first place we had a mini home evening/activity. We started discussing what the scriptures teach us about shepherds and their sheep. That sheep always know the voice of their shepherd. Then we listened to this cd that got from my aunt and uncle. Its about 15 minutes long. It was comprised of excerpts of conference talks from prophets and apostles that told the story of Christ's life. It was really interesting. Most of them were pretty recent so they weren't very difficult. The two I struggled with the most were Elder Maxwell, I obviously have not heard him speak in years, and Bruce R McConkie, who I have never actually heard speak in my entire life. 
After that we all drove to the church for our ward Christmas Eve program. We discussed each member of the nativity scene and sang a song. It was short and sweet and to the point. Very nice.
Then it was on to our traditional white elephant gifts. Here's a sampling of what we got.
 This sparkly hat was perfect for India. She looked so cute!

 Ever since Olivia came back from Iowa and Missouri she has been obsessed with old fashioned phones. Notice her huge smile!
 Not sure who thought of this but I think its pretty awesome. Who doesn't want a gas pump drink dispenser.

 Isabel made a haul with not only Candyland, but real candy. The good stuff.
 This was my gift. The bumper car alarm clock. It was voted the worst gift of the night. Even Olivia was mocking my present. For some reason I couldn't get anybody to trade with me. But to be honest, once we got it working it wasn't all that bad. At least it wasn't a live chicken, right Erin?.
 Miss georgia may got a gift too. In case you haven't noticed, my mom totally rigs the gifts. At least for the little kids.
Then after White Elephant, it was off to the Madson's for game night before Santa showed up. We played a homemade version of Time's Up. We played boys against girls. After two completely intense rounds which resulted in a tie, boys 1, girls 1, we finished the night with the lightning round tie breaker. A very heated game of Catch Phrase. Winner takes all.  It was a lot of fun.

Sunday morning Jordan had to work. So Jordan brought his ward to our house for a couple of hours before we went to church at 1. After church the Mitchells showed up and ate lunch. Then we played around til Jordan got home. Finally at around 4:30 we opened presents. I was so excited to give my parents their gifts. I got my dad a set of History Channel documentaries on the Mob and the Steve Jobs autobiography. I got my mom the new Il Divo cd, which is excellent, and that new book about gospel learning by Elder Bednar. Jordan and I were apparently on the same wavelength because he bought ma the Il Divo concert DVD that was filmed at the Greek theatre in California. We ended up watching that and it was a very good show.

Santa was very generous with me this year.

                             A very cute necklace handmade by Erin! Thanks again
 Finally a digital camera I can't wait to use

 Scarfs. One from Erin and one from Grandma Blanche
 And a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I can't wait to learn about everything I can do with it. 
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  Its my favorite time of year.

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