Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years.

2011 Has Been A Very Interesting Year.
I celebrated my 4 year mark at the bank. I can't believe it.
We finally got to meet baby Henry. How delicious.
I saw Rascal Flatts  in Concert.
I got to got to the Stadium of Fire with Brad Paisley and
I have been inspired by Meg Johnson-what a great lady.
My child ended with the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 
I have been able to watch Isabel and Olivia compete in their dancing.
I have been to Jake's German recital and I was able to see him fence.

I have also had tough year. I won't say its been full of failure or disappointment but opportunities for redirection. So I had my interview for graduate school at BYU. I really had my heart set on continuing my education in Provo. But I got a flat out no. Rejection.  I also applied to the programs at the U of U and USU. I was put on the wait list for both schools. After waiting for months to hear, I got the good word that all the spots have been filled. I didn't make the cut. I wasn't too phased. Rejection happens so I moved on and started job hunting at different school districts. I got more doors closed in my face. We're not hiring speech technicians. This might be a better opportunity, why don't you contact this district. Call us back when you have your masters degree. And my one glimmer of hope with Alpine School District ended in a thank you for applying, but we've filled the position. 

But I have faith that if I move forward and fill my life with good worthwhile activities, I will end up where the Lord wants me to be.  The plan i had for myself for the next 2-5 years was not exactly meant to be I guess. Things happen for a reason. I just haven't quite figured out the reason for this roller coaster yet. But I have learned to Wait Upon the Lord. As Robert D Hales taught- We may not know when or how the Lord's answers will be given, but in His time and in His way, I testify His answers will come. He knows your sacrifices and sorrows. he hears your prayers. His peace and rest will be yours as you continue to wait upon Him in Faith. So I have decided to move forward and redirect my goals. I am getting my teaching degree at UVU. I am finishing 2 prerequisites this coming semester and starting the program in the Fall. I am very excited.

I have learned so much about forgiveness and gratitude and love this year. I have such a great family. They are a force of good, not only to me but to everyone they interact with. I've realized how blessed I am and what great people have shaped my thoughts and taught me right and wrong. I have made a resolution this year to look for God's hand in my life. Its there everyday and I just haven't been looking.

Things I am looking forward to in 2012.

Baby Hugh is joining the family the end of March or beginning of April
Blessings in a Basket 5K
I am going through the temple with my whole family!
1st annual McCrookerelyboehmitchell Refunion. 
Rereading the Book of Mormon
Lady Antebellum Concert in February (I hope)
Wicked is coming to Salt Lake. 
Hunger Games, Les Miserables and The Great Gatsby all coming out this year.
I am going to smile more and be more optimistic.
Studying and brushing up on ASL
I should probably work on getting a boyfriend this year (ha ha that's a good one)

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