Monday, January 23, 2012

Its just not Fair-PTO

Okay. If you know me at all I am a bit obsessed with Musical Theater. There is no rational explanation or good reason for it, but it is what it is. I was so ecstatic when Phantom of the Opera came out during my High School years. It is an amazing story and it has incredible music. I have to admit Andrew Lloyd Webber is pretty talented. So When I bought my special edition DVD of Phantom it came with the second disk of extra features. One of the features was a behind the scenes type deal called The Making of the Phantom of the Opera. One segment of  this video talks about casting the movie. When I watched this for the first time I came across this gem of Patrick Wilson. I'm not exactly sure, but he is either rehearsing or doing a screen test or something. But it was one of those moments that make you hate people like Patrick Wilson. If you skip ahead to 3:29 of the video you will see what I mean. Patrick Wilson has a ball cap on, leaning against the piano, flipping through the pages of some book, not paying attention, all while effortlessly belting out Prima Donna. You can just imagine what he's thinking when he finishes. "So, are we done here?" Its just hilarious. I had to share.

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