Friday, February 3, 2012

New Eponine

So I have such good news!  Venus Mars and Neptune must have all aligned or someone important may have read my rant about the casting of Les Miserables. Whatever the reason I am just glad it happened because my wish came true. Taylor Swift is no longer playing Eponine in the new Les Miserables movie.  Yes, there has been a casting change and they gave the role of Eponine to Samantha Barks.      

Samantha Barks Picture

I'm not sure exactly what happened. Taylor Swift may just have been too busy with recording or touring or the producers finally decided she wasn't quite going to cut it. Anyway, I don't really care why, like I said before, I am just so glad they chose Samantha. Samantha  has played Eponine in the stage production of Les Miserables as well as in the 25th anniversary concert that took place in 2010.
Here is Samantha singing On My Own. 


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  1. Yes yes yes! I bet the producers finally saw her performance in valentines day and were forced to reconsider.