Sunday, February 1, 2015



I love getting together with my friends for book club. We get to talk, and catch up, and laugh.
Even if we do only end up discussing our book for a few minutes, its always worth it.

Yes, Please.
I liked this book, and I think Amy Poehler is smart and very funny, but I did not love the book. 
The highlights for me was actually listening to the audio book and hearing Amy narrate her own book. I loved her chapter about the cast of Park and Recreation. She talked about each character, her favorite moments filming on set, the parts that made her laugh the hardest, and the scenes that made her cry the most. I also really loved the last chapter entitled "The Robots Will Kill US All."
It talked about how great cell phones are but how dangerous it is to rely on Facebook and Instagram, social media, and the internet in general to validate how we feel about ourselves. 
I did like the book but I enjoyed Bossypants by Tina Fey more.

#2 Can We Talk About the "Parenthood" Finale

*Spoiler Alert* 
This show is always full of tear worthy moments and I am so sad its ending.
I just have to mention my favorite moments.

Hank asking Zeke's blessing/permission to marry Sarah.
Max asking a girl to dance at the wedding.
The wedding and photo montages.
Julia and Joel adopt Victor's sister and end up with four kids!
I am so glad we didn't have to experience the grief of Zeke's funeral.
The whole show ended on a happy note and I loved the flash forwards so you know everybody is happy and alright.
Bye Parenthood, we'll miss you. 
What did you think of the finale?

#3 Trivia Crack

Even though some of the questions are very easy, I am kind of addicted right now.

#4 No Fear Shakespeare

No Fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English—the kind of English people actually speak today.

I am loving reading Twelfth Night with this study guide. This is my favorite Shakespeare play and there are nineteen or so more Shakespeare plays offered online for free at

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