Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Favorites This Week #43

Pentatonix-That's Christmas to Me
These people are so talented. They have some beautiful original songs, some classics, and a familiar Disney tune. Its all Acapella. I know this came out last year, but they released deluxe version with a few new songs. Check it out. 

This is one of my favorite originals. 

Hair Removal-Tinkle Razor

I know the name is kind of ridiculous, but I am loving this product. Its perfect for all us women who have unwanted upper lip and facial hair.

The first option for getting rid of facial hair is shaving. You might think that in time shaving makes the hairs grow thicker and in a bigger number but it doesn’t. It’s just a myth. 
You can use a special razor for upper lip hair removal without any worries. And for other parts of your face. 
The name makes me laugh, a lot, but it’s the perfect razor if you want to remove facial hair. It’s not advisable to use razors that you would normally use on your body.

When using the Tinkle, you don’t need to wet your face or use a shaving cream. 
Just make those hairs go away on dry skin. The shape of the blade is perfect and the blade is not that sharp so, there’s no risk of cutting yourself. It doesn’t cause razor burns or irritations.

Whether you have peach fuzz or coarse hair, the Tinkle is going to handle them perfectly and instantly. Don’t forget to moisturize after because shaving your face also implies a bit of exfoliation. Therefore, you don’t want to have dry skin. 

The bonus is that it removes dead skin cells, makes your skin feel incredibly smooth, and it rejuvenates.

Shaving your upper lip takes less than a minute. It’s incredibly fast, there’s no faster method for upper lip hair removal. And no pain! You can use this as often as you need.
You'll us it more often than you would say waxing strips but its, quick, easy, painless and very affordable.
 Check it out on Amazon and read reviews. 

Ultra Soft Crew Neck Sweaters From Target.
Like the name suggests, these sweaters are soft and very very comfortable.
They are about half nylon, half rayon.
They come in solid colors and stripes, all beautiful so you are bound to find one you love. Or maybe not just one. I think I just bout 4 different colors. 
I believe they also come in a v-neck.
Check them out at the Target website.

Bath and BodyWorks-Holiday Scents
These Lotions are like pure silk and they smell delicious. I was able to run to the mall to take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free deal.

Wrapped in Comfort: Almond Creme, Soft Cashmere, Blackberry Rose
Vanilla Bean Noel: Vanilla Bean, Caramel, Sugar Cookies, Whipped Creme, Snowkissed Musk
Jingle All the Way: Iced Clementine, Sparkling Snowflakes, North Pole Vanilla, Holiday Poppies, and Blue Spruce.

These lotions have shea butter and cocoa butter. It doesn't feel greasy and it leaves your skin so soft. 

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