Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Call me Irresponsible

So this Weekend, I skipped two days of work and a day of class to go to Colorado with my parents and visit Adrienne and William and the kids. We left Thursday and after close to 9 hours we finally made it to Parker. I am so glad I was able to sleep in the car because i was up finishing homework and got an hour of sleep wednesday night. We had a yummy dinner of fish and rice and edamame and we had a wonderful chat. Tristan is getting so big and told us all about what he is doing in school. He showed us this poster of emotions he made. Its pictures they took of him at school being sad, angry, happy, silly, etc. He can write his name and he is learning to read. I can't believe how smart he is.

Friday we took the kids on the town and went to main street. We bought them pumpkins, including 2 little baby ones.

We also passed these vampire, monster, skeletons and black cat decorations all over main street as we took Tristan and Jack to a little kiddie hay maze. Jack was calling everything vampires. They had a blast. The maze was terribly simple so the boys went through 3 or 4 times and then got ice cream from Baskin Robbins

Friday was my dad's birthday. My Cousin Liz and her family also live in Parker and she wanted to help out and babysit if we wanted to go to dinner. Well, we came to Colorado to see the whole Bireley Clan, so we just ordered Chinese in and Liz insisted on making a chocolate birthday cake for my dad. So Friday night, we all went over to the Steven's home. All of the kids were enjoying playing with the fun toys, and Cole made my dad his new best friend. We were enjoying being able to sit and catch up and we got so caught up in our chat, and little Scarlett took a tumble down the stairs into the basement. We all felt horrible for being such horrible adults. She was crying but i think she was more scared than anything. She calmed down and was fine but she scared us all to death. It was the saddest thing you have ever seen.

Saturday we drove to Colorado Springs to Garden of the Gods. It is a beautiful park full of red rock formations. It actually is very similar to Wayne County and the Capitol Reef area where my mom grew up and where my grandparents still live. One of the peaks we saw looked exactly like pride rock from Lion King. It was a perfect day and we had a great time walking along the paved trail. Jack was running around and walking every but on the trail. He would travel in the dirt and hide in the trees a long the way. Every couple of feet Jack would jump up on a rock and strike a pose. He would yell "cheese" to get our attention and let us now he was ready to have his picture taken. You see some very interesting people at parks like this. Some are dressed in the heels and designer jeans and silk blouses, while others are wearing their hot pants and uggs (that whole style trend I never understood). But the park was so beautiful. There are places to rock climb, bike ride, go horseback riding, and there are tours throughout the park. I highly recommend it.

On this trip I discovered Jack and Tristan love the music from Glee. Jack's requests as I was playing songs off of my phone were Sweet Caroline and Gold Digger. Tristan requested the gravity song aka "defying gravity" from wicked. He actually knew enough of the words to sing a long. That made so happy. The funniest part of the trip was Sunday morning as we were getting out of the car and going inside for sacrament meeting Jack started singing "i bust your windows out your car."

During Sacrament meeting I was keeping Tristan entertained by having him draw me pictures. Since he is going to be Batman for Halloween had him draw a batman for me. (p.s. Jack is going to be Ironman and Scarlett is going to be a piggy). Anyway as Tristan finished his picture he looked at it very thoughtfully and told me he thought "batman" looked more like mickey mouse so that is what the doodle was going to be, mickey mouse.
We also played several games of Blokus. This is the one game that makes normally calm and pleasant individuals such as William and myself turn very mean. Adrienne and my parents worry about me playing and suggest that I might need anger management. and I might ever so slightly agree.

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