Monday, August 15, 2011


Okay. I have heard of so many remakes being done lately. I was a little excited about Footloose, in case you couldn't tell. I was nervous about casting, only because I love the original so much, I didn't want it ruined. The preview for the new one, minus Julianne Hough, looks fun and I am going to go see it. I don't care what all the haters say.

Anyway I got to thinking about how much I adore the movie Clue. It is probably one of the best scripts written in a long time, and it was made 25 years ago. I was excited to hear they were remaking it and I begin pondering and thinking in great detail who I would want to be cast in the new movie. Yes, this is what I do with my free time. Nothing productive at all.

So here are my suggestions. I would love to hear yours!!

Hugh Laurie (in his original British, yay!) or
Michael Sheen (he's British and he can be hilarious)

Mrs. Peacock
Marcia Gay Harden or

Christine Baranski
Somebody else suggested Katherine O'Hara. I love her.

Colonel Mustard
John C Reilly (He can even pull off a mustache, think Talladega Nights) or

Thomas Lennon

Mrs. White
Marion Cotillard (she's a little young but you could make her look the part. She's a great actress but I don't know if she can do comedy.
Elizabeth Banks (she can be hilarious)
or even Cate Blanchett

Professor Plum (this is the hardest one by far)

Steve Coogan
Jeff Goldblum
If you want somebody younger -Sam Rockwell. He does slimy and sleezy well!

Miss Scarlett
Evangeline Lilly
Rachel McAdams

Mr. Green

Jude Law (he played a similarly up tight character in Sherlock Holmes and proved his comedic chops.
Jason Bateman (who doesn't love him)

Annalynn Mccord

Christina Hendricks

So Those are my choices.
After all this I hear that they are remaking Dirty Dancing. I am all for remakes. The same story can take on different meaning in a different place or a different time, but as excited as I am for Footloose, I feel like redoing Dirty Dancing is going to far. Maybe it is out of respect for Patrick Swayze, but I am really scared for this movie. They've already done 2 sequels. Havana Nights and whatever the other one is called. If they redo the first original Dirty Dancing they better have Chris Hemsworth playing Johnny. You need a big strong burly guy, and he was on Dancing with the Stars. Maybe Emma Stone could be Baby. . .What do you think

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