Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Summit- A New Heart

This weekend was full of fun activities for our local young single adults in Alpine.

~Food and Activities (karaoke, car demolition, mechanical bull)
(So at registration the lady asked if I had pre paid and asked for my name. I bought a ticket for me and my brother at the same time, so I answered her "Hillary and Jordan Crook." She gave me the funniest look. Apparently she thought we were married and didn't really want to let us in. ha ha)
~Divine Comedy (love!!!They never disappoint)

Paul Cardell Spoke (he is a musician who had a heart transplant)

Dating Work Shop (of course!) the best part was the title (It's Not You, Its Your Technique)
We went to this other workshop that was supposed to be titled Preparing For Healthy Relationships. When we got to the classroom the real title was Preparing for Healthy intimate relationships. Discussion about morality and pornography. Not in and of itself a bad lesson but They lied to us on purpose.

Meg Johnson (if you haven't heard her speak you need to). She is cute lady with a great story. I have written about her in my blog http://abbaqueen.blogspot.com/2011/02/gratitude-on-thursdays.html.
She talked about keeping yourself from spiritual paralysis though Gratitude, and (Eternal) Attitude, Prayer, Service

We also were able to see Jason Hewlett perform. I didn't know what to expect but his guy was seriously pretty funny. I am glad I went to the show. http://www.jasonhewlett.com/

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