Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Captain America

This story takes place during the depression as WWII is going on. Steve Rogers is a diminutive guy from Brooklyn and affter being deemed unfit for military service he volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals. He starts out doing shows around the country trying to persuade people to buy bonds and support the war. After he discovers his best friend might be in danger he heads to Europe with the rest of the troops.

So my overall impression was that this movie was campy. It was very cheesy in many many parts. Sometimes its the actions, such as Captain America kissing his girl before going off for the last big battle, and sometimes its dialogue. As impressive as the special effects are, you can tell they just that, special effects. There is too much computer. In a way Jordan and I agree that as old as Jurassic Park is, the technology in that movie is way more impressive. I have cut the movie some slack however. I think all of these components are supposed to add up to a romantic and idealized world created in the comic book. Maybe that is how the studio intended it.

The movie is cast very well but I was intrigued by the villain Schmidt/Red Skull. He is without question very crazy and almost psychopathic. The movie develops his character well in that sense. I know this comic book came out ages ago but I just had the overwhelming feeling that Red Skull was a cross between Voldemort and Darth Maul but near the end of the movie he is kind of cowardly. He becomes slightly less menacing. Maybe that is just what I perceived but he tries to escape and run away and fights only when he is backed into a corner.

This movie is full of quick quips and one liners that will make you laugh. It is also action packed from the start, beginning with a brawl in an alley. Everything from diving into rivers, escaping fortresses, zip lining onto a speeding train, explosions, and even bombs. Everything you could hope for. The movement of the story is almost fast paced and moves along really well. Visually, despite my opinion on the CGI, the movie does command your attention.

I especially enjoyed the "Star Spangled Man" theme. It was catchy and you'll be whistling it as you leave the theater.

Over all I give it a 7/10. Good Viewing Fun.

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