Saturday, September 17, 2011

Concert at the Falls and the Holy War

y friend invited me to a Concert at the Falls at Thanksgiving Point. I've never been
to the falls before but they were beautiful.

Here are two brothers from Nashville-Truman. They were actually really good.
This is David Osmond. He was our favorite performer of the evening. I had no idea he was diagnosed with MS. He has a pretty good story. He was in wheel chair but he's been walking ever since he's been married.

Megan Joy also performed but I forgot to snap a picture. She was on American Idol a few years back. I like her voice, its very distinct. Next up was Kalai. He has a very interesting sound which I appreciated but he was a strange person. I didn't care for his stage presence.

So for the Holy War, my mom showed me how to make these cool beaded Geckos. I was pretty proud of them.

BYU and U of U. . get it? The game was embarrassing. It was junk-What a joke.
But, my lizards are sure cute huh? We had the instructions for the BYU one but I had to experiment with the U. I think this one turned out great.

Here is my second attempt at the U. I think I like the first one better.

I made this bumble bee out of my two favorite colors-blue and green.

Here is my mom's bumble bee so you can see what its supposed to be like.

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