Friday, September 28, 2012

Awkward Moments

So I want to tell you all about a weird and awkward experience I had with a guy recently.
There is a customer that comes into the bank, who brings in deposits for his mom’s business. We’ll call him Jon. About a year or so ago, Jon’s mother called the bank to get my number. The mother talked to my coworker Emilie. Emilie explained the situation when I got to work and asked me if I was interested. I remember helping Jon, but he didn’t say one word to me and I didn’t even remember what he looked like. Jon just didn’t make a great impression, I had no idea how old he was, and let’s not forget that he had to have his mother call. So I told Emilie I wasn’t interested and she was so nice. She offered to call the mother back and tell her that I had a boyfriend. That was a safe way out of the whole situation without hurting feelings.

So a little while ago, my boss, known as K, came up to my station and said that she needed my number. I started writing my number down thinking that K wanted my number so she could call me in case I was needed to cover a shift or fill in for somebody. Strictly business right? Of course I am wrong as always! As I am handing over the number, K tells me that Jon’s mother is on the phone again and wants to know if I am single. The mother actually asked K where I was from, and if I was a good girl. Interrogation mode. During this conversation K was kind enough to find out Jon’s age. Jon is 30.
So a week or two later I get a text from Jon that is about 5 messages long. Apparently he is still too scared to call or talk to me face to face.
Keep in mind that we don’t know each other and haven’t said more than 5 words to one another.

Hello Hillary. My name is Jon. My mother got your number for me. I’m sorry it happened that way. I’m a painfully shy person at first. Anyway, this is going to sound strange but do you sing? If not, you should start because you have a great voice. I’m serious by the way. Even if your not interested..I can tell by the resonance in your voice and the way you pronounce words when you speak sounds crazy cool. So if you don’t sing you should start thinking about taking lessons if you think you would like to do that kind of thing because you would be good.

Who does that!! I was so shocked I didn’t know how to respond so I just told him “thanks for the message.”  That whole next week I was paranoid at work. Every time I heard the door open I was scared it would be Jon walking into the bank.
This is weird but it’s not even the best part of the story. Stay tuned for part 2. 


  1. Painfully shy? That seems quite the understatement when you get your mother to get a girls number for you. And hound her again a year later.

    What happens next?

  2. How strange is that? I'm not sure if I'd be flattered or totally creeped out! More importantly, is he cute? That might help sway my judgement!Rx