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Opening This Week (November 16th)
Breaking Dawn Pt. 2
Silver Linings Playbook
Lincoln-Wide Release
Anna Karenina
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Struck By Lightning                                                             

World War Z

'Salt' Director Phillip Noyce Now in Talks to Adapt 'The Giver' Novel

Yes, this is the story of yet another young adult novel being adapted into a movie, but this one thankfully is not trying to capitalize on the success of Twilight or The Hunger Games. Jeff Bridges purchased the rights to Lois Lowry's 1993 novel The Giver twenty years ago as a starring vehicle for his father Lloyd, and has been trying to get it made ever since. The project looked like it might move forward in 2007, and then in 2011 the actor decided that he would step in and play the title character. Now Variety reports the project may have found a director, as Salt helmer Phillip Noyce is in talks to sit in the director's chair. Read more here.

What?! 'Saw' and 'Insidious' Director James Wan Finds 'MacGyver'

In a combination almost as ridiculous as the items that the 80s, mullet-bearing secret agent would create, Variety reports Saw and Insidious director James Wan is in talks with New Line Cinema to adapt the TV series MacGyver into a feature film. Richard Dean Anderson led the series following Angus McGyver, an educated scientist with a background as a bomb team technician in Vietnam, who worked for the fictional government agency DXS (Department of External Services). Known for never carrying a gun and avoiding violence unless necessary, MacGyver used wits and a hodgepodge of goodies combined to thwart bad guys. Keep reading here

Confirmed: 'Transformers 4' Lands Mark Wahlberg and Gets New Logo

Well, that was fast. Just after hearing yesterday that Michael Bay might have changed his mind about considering Mark Wahlberg for a role in Transformers 4 (it should really be called Trans4mers) after an Internet rumor pegged the Contraband and Ted star for the sequel, Paramount Pictures has confirmed that with a press release. The announcement simply says, "After an exceptionally successful collaboration on the upcoming Pain and Gain, Michael Bay has cast Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg in the highly anticipated Transformers 4." It doesn't get anymore official than that. Oh, and there's a new logo as well! Click to read more.

'Top Gun' Sequel & 3D Re-Release in Limbo After Tony Scott's Death

It's been a little over a month and a half since director Tony Scott tragically committed suicide, and it's strange to think he will never make another film. There were a slew of projects the filmmaker had in development, but none as high profile as a sequel to Top Gun and a planned 3D re-release of the original fighter pilot thriller starring Tom Cruise. However, New York Times is now reporting that in the wake of Scott's death, plans for a sequel have fallen apart completely, and Paramount Pictures isn't sure what to do with the 3D converted Top Gun, and it's not clear if it will actually end up in theaters. Click here to read more.
'Harry Potter' Director David Yates Swings to 'Tarzan' with Tom Hardy?

While Harry Potter franchise screenwriter Steve Kloves is looking to adapt Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book at Warner Bros (he'll also direct the film), one of the boy wizard's directors is going to work on a different jungle tale. Vulture has word that David Yates, who directed the final four installments of the Harry Potter franchise, will next take on a new big screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough's classic tale Tarzan, a project also set up at Warner Bros. The project has been in development for years with Ocean's 11 producer Jerry Weintraub, and Craig Brewer was most recently attached to direct but has fallen away. Read more here.

Just for Fun-this is a fun scene from Notting Hill. 

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