Thursday, January 10, 2013

Both Sides

The time of year, the air turns cold, rain becomes snow.
Small snowflakes, large snowflakes.
White specks fill the sky, gently falling to the ground.
Day or night, disappear to reappear.
Snowfall, light or heavy, layer upon layer.
Snow covered tree branches.
Everything covered under a blanket of snow.
The wind begins to blow, wind driven snow; swirling, blowing, drifting snow.
Snowdrifts sculpted by the wind, what's hidden underneath.
The snow subsides, the forest still, so cold, so bright.
Outside at night at times so bright under a moonlight sky until the mornings' dawn.

The mornings' frost upon the ground, among the branches of the trees.
Like stars that sparkle in the sky.
Soon to disappear, to reappear on yet another day.

During the day, sun cast shadows across the surface of the snow.
To disappear, reappear as the sun travels across the sky.
In time the snow becomes dry, soiled, weathered; until covered by new fallen snow.

The snow being silent witness to that which passes through.
Freezing, thawing until the air turns warm, when the snow becomes rain.
The snow will disappear, for it is the time of year. 
Alvin Schaut

This is a really nice poem but I have a confession to make. I am deathly afraid of driving in the snow. I grew up in Utah, I learned to drive in Utah, and I still live in Utah. You would think I would feel more comfortable driving my car during the winter months. Not even close. I am terrified I am going to take out a stop sign. I am afraid of sliding and hitting another car.  Yes I am the type of driver that usually makes other people on the road very angry because I drive so slowly. I drive like an old lady and I am not ashamed. Now, for your enjoyment:

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