Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekly Favorites #21

First and Foremost I got to go see my love Hunter Hayes in concert. He had great opening acts. Hunter puts on a great show and just pumps up the energy constantly. Hunter really is so talented. I got see my dear cousin Danielle. It was such a fun night and I hope Hunter comes back to Utah soon. 

Also, for you fellow country fans, Dan and Shay performed as an opening act for the concert. I only had heard one of their songs on the radio but they were so great live. I am going to buy their album. 

I finally took the Praxis, which is a test I need to get my teaching license. The test is 120 questions. 30 Language Arts, 30 Math, 30 Science, and 30 Social Studies questions. I scored pretty well. 
29/30 in Language Arts, 29/30 in Math, 26/30 in Science, and 23/30 in Social Studies. However nobody can tell me yet if I actually "passed."  

Speaking of School-I turned in my Senior Portfolio this week. I am officially done with my second Bachelors Degree. Now the job hunt can begin. That deserves a celebratory Woohoo!

I also got to meet with fabulous friends for book club. Though if we are honest, we usually just go to visit and eat dinner. We don't spend a ton of time discussing our book. We read Wonder by R.J. Palacio and you can read my review of the book here.  I love those girls. We got to meet our friend Emma's new baby boy. His name is Elliot. He's five weeks old and he is such a doll. 

I'd love to hear about your week. Write about what was great in your life this week and link up in the comments. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

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