Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekly Favorites

Jeremy Jordan is not only adorable but he has an amazing voice. I love this song and I love how he cannot get a hold of himself. His performance is so cute, and I love the fact that he's wearing his wedding ring.

Bought this Dress at H&M for $10.00

I was able to see Il Divo in concert. They are four classically trained singers. They sing like angels. Seeing them live literally put me in a trance because they are that talented. If that were not enough they had Lea Solonga performing with them. She is a big broadway star and the sing voices of Jasmine and Mulan. They sang everything from Aladdin, Wicked, Abba, Les Miserables, and Phantom of the Opera.

Finally saw Non Stop. I was hooked the whole time trying to figure out who the bad guy was. Have you seen it? What did yo think?

Easter is Tomorrow
Let us all remember Christ our Savior and his eternal gift of love.

Happy Weekend!

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