Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Day Bosley Almost Died and the Sucky Week

So my story starts out on a sunny afternoon. Unremarkable but still enjoyable. This was last Tuesday, March 1st. I was on my way to work. I was heading North on 5th East in American Fork. I was just passing the D.I, literally two minutes from my work when some moron pulled out from the DI parking lot. He was trying to turn left into the Suicide Lane, so he could head south toward the freeway, and turned out in front of me. Well as you can probably tell. Our cars met, repelled each other and went crunch. I was angry at first. I called my mom, then I called the cops, and then I had to call work to tell them that I was going to be late.

Three cops ended up coming to the scene. I was balling; I looked like a clown with all of my makeup streaked. The cops had us get out our insurance information and registration and driver's licenses to fill out paper work. To my absolute horror, I could not find license. I realized I had used it the day before to get a library card. I needed a card to reserve a study room at the Provo library and I had left my license in my bag with all of my tutoring stuff. And yes, the bag was in my apartment in Provo.

Anyway my cruiser, Bosley, was pretty beat up. I felt so bad. The passenger side light was smashed and the front passenger side tire was blown. The front end was pretty crunched and the two front doors wouldn't open all the way. Anyway luckily my mom showed up. She took me to work and told me to make sure I got to a bathroom to clean my face up so I didn't scare the customer's at work. Ha Ha.

I stayed at my parent's that night. After my dad got home from work he asked me about what happened. Then he said as he was washing his dishes from breakfast that morning he looked out the window of our driveway and saw my brother's car. He had a feeling right then that we were going to have a car accident that day. Insane. My mom chauffeured me around for about a day until I got my rental. I realized how attached I really was to my car. I missed my Bosley. I did finally get word that the insurance people did not total my cruiser, he is fixable and will live again. It will be about two weeks. I can't wait to get him back. When I do I am going to take him to the carwash and scrub him out and clean him up and take good care of him.

The week just got better. This Monday, March 7th, I found out that I did not get accepted to my grad program here at BYU. I can't say that I was surprised. I could tell as the interview got closer and as I opened the letter that it was a long shot and I probably wasn't going to get in. I was bummed about it. I realized even though I really wanted to stay here at BYU there is another plan set out for me and other places I am supposed to be. I am still waiting to here back from the U of U and USU. I also got a hard copy of my rejection letter in the mail so I can keep it and treasure it forever. C'est Le Vie. I might not understand why this has happened right now but i know it is for the best.

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  1. Hilly I am so glad you didn't get hurt. Car accidents are the worst, even when you are not physically hurt they are very emotional and exhausting. I am just so glad that you are all right and you have your parents to help you.