Thursday, March 31, 2011

Memory Lane

Its funny how how something so simple, such as face, or a place or even a day on the calender can bring back such strong and vivid memories.

When I am at my friend's house with our group of friends I always think about all the movies we made while we were in High School, including the gem of a horror movie entitled Peekaboo.

On road trips I think about the many trips we took in our big old cave of a van. I remember sitting on a cooler up front or on the floor. Adrienne would be spread out on the bench that folded out into a bed.

When I go to my Aunt's house I think of violin lessons and band practice.

Today is March 31. Exactly one year ago was one of the greatest days ever. I got to see my boyfriend Michael Buble in concert. I love him. For full details of his amazing concert go here

Yesterday I saw my 8th grade Algebra teacher, Mr. Barker, at work. I remember his math class whenever I see him but I also remember one day in particular. September 11th 2001. This day will live forever in my memory, as i'm sure it will in yours. I remember watching the news all morning. I remember the phone call my dad got and how upset he was as he hurried off to work. Mr. Barker's class was the first class of the day and i remember how we didn't learn anything that day but we sat and watched the events unfold in New York.

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